HNRS 2313 Enduring Questions: Perspectives from Rhetoric and Research

Course Catalog Description:

This course is a sophomore-level seminar for honors students. It is the fourth in a four-course sequence, unified in content around significant enduring questions central to the liberal arts. Some options include:

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • What is Justice?
  • What is Goodness?
  • How can we live responsibly on the planet?

A true interdisciplinary approach focusing on at least two disciplines, emphasizing rhetoric and research, will inform the course structure. Attention will be paid to how the primary sources address the fundamental question. The course will develop students’ analytic and expressive abilities, and students will craft a researched, written document illustrating their cohesive understanding of the entire four-course sequence. The course fulfills the university’s general education requirements for English Composition II.