Kyle Foster talks about OSLEP

Kyle FosterKyle Foster, Wapanucka sophomore and Political Science major, recently completed an OSLEP seminar on Human Rights and World Politics. OSLEP seminars are 5-day, 3-credit intense seminars offered at university campuses around Oklahoma; taught by visiting scholar, they bring together Oklahoma's brightest students for an academically enriched experience. Our honors students may substitute an OSLEP seminar for one departmental honors course or for the Honors Capstone. Here Kyle talks about his experience.

TY: Why did you decide to take an OSLEP course?
KF: The idea of a week of high-intensity study with a leading scholar was really interesting to me. Then when I saw that one of the seminars being taught this semester was in an area that I am interested in, I knew I wanted to participate in an OSLEP seminar.

TY: How hard was it to apply?
KF: The application wasn't really difficult. You just have to put a little thought into the essay portion.

TY: Did you have to do anything before the class began?
KF: I had to write two 2-page reaction papers to materials I had read before the seminar.

TY: Please describe your OSLEP seminar.
KF: We started class at about 9 a.m. each day. We would spend most of the morning in discussion over the materials we had read the previous evening. That's one thing that made the seminar so great, the open discussion among peers. In the afternoon, we would either continue discussion or do some sort of hands-on activity.

TY: What is your favorite OSLEP memory?
KF: My favorite memory is meeting a lot of different students from Oklahoma's universities.

TY: How was the OSLEP class different from a regular ECU class?
KF: The OSLEP seminar was definitely more intense then a regular course at ECU, partly because it is only five days long.

TY: What written work was required after the OSLEP was over?
KF: I had to write a 5-10 page paper that broadly analyzed some aspect of the course. I did mine over Human Rights in U.S. Foreign Policy.

TY: Why should someone enroll in an OSLEP course?
KF: This is a wonderful opportunity to study with a highly-regarded scholar. These seminars really give you the chance to challenge yourself intellectually and to meet other students with similar academic interests. I would absolutely encourage all honors students to take at least one OSLEP course, because I know they won't regret it.