Why You Should Be An Honors Student at ECU

  • Because you will join a community.
    From online SummerRead conversations and the SummerScreening to early orientation for First-Year Honors students, which take place before classes begin, the Honors Program offers you the first chance you will get to meet some of the people you will be going to school with for the next few years. Join the Honors Program, and you won’t be the only smart student you know when you get to campus.

    Also, if you choose to join the honors living/learning community in Knight Hall, you can extend your honors academic and social experiences into the residence hall. Situated in the heart of the campus, Knight Hall features large private rooms, and the Honors Student Association hosts mixers in the lobbies.

  • Because you’re smart and intellectually curious.
    Smaller, general education courses are taught seminar-style and are offered only to Honors students. They will both challenge and satisfy you.

    You’ll find opportunities in your major to do specialized honors projects.

    As an honors student in good standing, you enroll first each term before all other students, so you’ll never encounter a closed course that could impede progress to graduation.

  • Because your academic excellence will be recognized.
    All Honors Program graduates wear distinctive regalia at graduation. Your transcripts will note your honors status, and your name will be marked in graduation programs.

  • Because you can seize opportunities beyond ECU.
    Honors Program students attend and present academic work at regional and national honors conferences annually.