Pre-Award Policy

I.  Pre-Award Policy
The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) promotes and facilitates scholarly activity at East Central University (ECU) by supporting and administering activities related to Grant Funded programs.

A.  Mission
The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research supports East Central University by promoting an institutional culture that facilitates scholarly research and grantsmanship efforts of faculty, staff and students in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.

The major area of responsibility is assisting Program Directors/Principal Investigators (PD/PI) in the preparation and submission of grant, contract, and cooperative agreement proposals. All grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements representing University obligations must be authorized through the OSPR. Funding opportunities, which can be found on this web site, are regularly provided to the University community. OSPR acts as a liaison between the granting agencies and the University and reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

B.  Basic Information for all Grant Seekers
In order for the OSPR to accurately track proposal development, submission, and awards, faculty, staff and students should initiate all grants, contracts and cooperative agreements only after first contacting the OSPR.

C.  Funding Opportunities
The OSPR Grant Specialists are readily available to assist the faculty, staff and students in identifying potential external funding opportunities for research and development. These highly skilled individuals offer a range of assistance from gathering information to proposal editing and writing. Please contact the OSPR for further assistance at 580.559.5486. For more information regarding the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research, access the website at /academic-affairs-programs/sponsored-programs-and-research.

D.  Proposal Planning Sheet
The PD/PI shall contact the OSPR once he/she has identified the potential sponsor and is interested in submitting the proposal. The Proposal Planning Sheet (PPS), which may be obtained from the OSPR office or website, shall be submitted to the OSPR in Danley Hall, Room 208 in a timely manner. The document contains basic information about the proposal and may be completed prior to actual proposal development. Although the PPS contains sections requesting financial information, the data provided only represent preliminary estimates. The final amounts for a submitted proposal will be obtained from the final budget document submitted to the OSPR. The PD/PI shall submit the PPS.

Note: Please contact the OSPR thirty (30) days before the application deadline for all electronic submissions.

E.  Budget Planning
The PD/PI shall conduct a budget review for the proposal with the Associate Vice President (VP) of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research at least two (2) weeks prior to submission. The budget should be sufficiently developed to allow for a review and revision, if necessary. The proposed budget shall be approved by the Associate VP of the OSPR prior to obtaining approval from the appropriate institutional authorized official. If the budget proposes a subcontract with another agency, the sub-recipient’s budget and other information may be required.

F.  Final Proposal Review
A complete copy of the proposal must be submitted to the OSPR for final review and approval at least one (1) week prior to submission deadline. The OSPR Grant Specialist will conduct a final review of the complete and final grant proposal to ensure institutional compliance with federal, state, and sponsor regulations. The appropriate institutional authorized official shall sign the final approval following OSPR’s last review and prior to submission.

Any proposals that are submitted without the institutional authorized official’s approval may be considered non-compliant with university policy and/or may contain incomplete information and/or sponsor requirements. Consequently, these applications may be administratively withdrawn.

G.  Application Submission
A signed original and a sufficient number of copies, as needed, of the proposed application shall be submitted to the sponsor in a timely manner to ensure a prompt delivery. A copy of the application shall also be forwarded to the OSPR for their records.

Email and forward a paper copy of the final proposal to the OSPR for all electronic grant submissions.

Note: The University President is the only authorized representative to sign grant applications, grants and contracts.

H.  Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost
East Central University has obtained a federally negotiated Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate with the Department of Human and Health Services (DHHS). The PD/PI should contact the OSPR for the calculation of the current allowable institutional indirect cost rate. He/she shall request for indirect recovery costs on all grant proposals and sub-agreements as allowed and specified by the sponsor. Allowable F&A rates may vary between sponsors. Please review the sponsor guideline and/or contact the OSPR for questions regarding this matter.

I.  Fringe Benefit Rates
Please contact the OSPR for current fringe benefit rates. 

J.  Institutional Data

Congressional District


DHHS IDC Agreement Date


DUNS (Duns and Bradstreet No.)


Federal ID No. (Taxpayer ID No. or TIN)


IRB (Institutional Review Board) Assurance No.


Institutional Authorized Official


Institutional Mailing Address

1100 East 14th Street Ada, OK 74820


K.  Compliance, Assurances, and Institutional Approval

1.  Human Subject Research
The PD/PI, who is submitting a proposal that involves human subjects, shall submit an application to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval as specified in the IRB policy. He/she is not required to submit the IRB application during the proposal process because this is a “just-in-time” procedure. However, PD/PI shall submit the application 30 days prior to the start date of the awarded project or immediately following an award notification from the Sponsor.

In addition to the IRB application, all ECU investigators, research staff, and key personnel involved in human subject research must complete the initial training at the National Institutes of Health Protection of Human Subject Research educational course at Upon completion of the training, print and submit the Certification of Completion along with the IRB application. For more information regarding human subject research, please refer to the university IRB policy.

2.  Grant Proposals Involving Other Sites
The PD/PI shall notify the OSPR of any proposal involving other institutions and/or facilities.  These institutions and/or facilities administrator and/or investigators may require notification and specific paperwork prior to the submission of the application.  For additional information regarding the involvement of other sites, refer to the sponsor and university post-award guidelines. 

3.  Financial Conflict of Interest
All grant-funded personnel shall comply with 42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) and staff shall disclose any potential or existing conflict of interest to the OSPR as required by federal law and University policy. The University shall investigate, report and appropriately discipline, if necessary, all cases of alleged or apparent financial conflict of interest. For further information regarding the FCOI policy, refer to the Code of Federal Regulation 42 Part 50, Subpart F, and NSF FCOI guidelines.

4.  Ethics in Grant-Supported Activities
East Central University strongly encourages scholarly practices that prevent misconduct and fraudulent activities. The PD/PI, staff and students, who are involved in grant-supported activities, shall not use their positions for the purposes of financial gain for themselves or others (family members, business, or other ties). ECU has established rules and regulations to enforce high standards of conduct. The university will investigate report and take disciplinary action, if necessary, in all cases of alleged or apparent misconduct in grant-related activities. For more information regarding this matter, please refer to the university handbooks.

L.  Official Sponsor Notification
The PI shall submit a copy of the official notification of rejection or award from the sponsor to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research in Danley Hall, Room 208.

M.  Questions and Answers
Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research at 580.559.5486 with any questions or for further assistance. More information regarding the OSPR can be obtained on­line on the university website at /academic-affairs-programs/sponsored-programs-and-research.