ECU Tiger Spirit Logo without words - orange and black tiger head

East Central University is undergoing major changes involving expansion of its facilities and program offerings. The University is committed to the pursuit of excellence in instruction, research and other forms of scholarly activity and public service.

Within this Mission, the evolving Department of Athletics will be an integral part of the institution and its education programs. The Department will develop a comprehensive program of gender balanced sports programs, operating in compliance with NCAA regulations and enjoying success at the Division II level while maintaining the best interests of the student-athlete and the academic integrity of the institution.

East Central University is committed to the pursuit of excellence. To that end, the Department of Athletics will strive to:

  1. Create an environment that affords student-athletes the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and to realize their full academic and athletic potential at East Central University regardless of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin or disability with respect to participation in the athletic program.
    1. Reflect a commitment to the academic success, the physical and emotional well-being, sportsmanship and to the social development of the student-athlete and to equal opportunity.
  2. View student-athletes as an integral part of the student body.
  3. Dedicate all programs to excellence based on the highest standards of integrity and serve as a credit to the university, community, and state.

This Mission Statement articulates the philosophy of the Department of Athletics and reflects a clear understanding of the supportive role of athletics in the broader institutional mission.