Student Testimonials

"Over the past year I have learned a lot from working at the Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Center in Ada, Oklahoma. I can honestly say that what I have learned while participating in the ERAP will help me in a future career." 
Justin Groves, ERAP student '06-'07

"The opportunity to work the Environmental Research Apprenticeship Program has been a wonderful experience and has given me an advantage over other students. The research experience is something most students do not get the opportunity to experience. The personnel at the Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Facility have been very nice and accommodating during my three years there. I believe this program has made a positive impact on my life. It has prepared me well for tasks I will be facing at graduate school. Thank you all." 
Shenale Glenn, ERAP student '00-'03

"My ERAP student apprenticeship from February 2003 to December 2006 was an eventful one. I not only became very familiar with laboratory procedures and safety protocols, but I gained a confidence in myself in the lab setting. I also made lasting friendships."
Lisa Costantino, ERAP student '03-'06

"Much can be said for the ERAP program. This program offers such a diverse number of educational experiences. One of the best things about the ERAP program is the environment in which the students are put in. Being able to perform experiments in actual scientific laboratories is an exceptional bonus offered by the program. One thing that I have learned about getting out into the "real world" is that hands-on experience is without comparison."
Denver Rushing, ERAP student '98-'02