New Student Organization

The Office for Campus Life and Leadership encourages students to participate in Organizations in order to further develop their leadership skills.  The Office for Campus Life and Leadership recognizes as the times change, the interest of students change ultimately affecting the Organizations on campus.  This is why the Office for Campus Life and Leadership, created a process for students who are interested in starting a New Clubs & Organizations Recognition Process.

Are you ready to turn your interest into an officially recognized student organization? The information below outlines the steps for an organization to be recognized by the Office for Campus Life and Leadership and the Student Government Association.
All elements of this process must be completed before East Central University will recognize you as a student organization. Contact the Office of Campus Life and Leadership for any questions:  (580) 559-5231 or email us at CampusLife& to schedule an appointment.

There are several things to consider before embarking on the recognition process:

  1. Student(s) must review the available active clubs on campus and their mission statement prior to attempting to start a new club.  No new Organization will be accepted if it has a similar purpose to another established club on campus.

  2. Does the proposed organization have durability, i.e. is there a reasonable potential that the organization can attract new members on a yearly basis so that it can remain viable after the initial members graduate from East Central? If not, you may want to find ways to pursue your interests that do not involve creating a new organization. Please stop by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership to discuss your options.

  3. Is the membership willing to actively participate in the ECU student organization community and develop programs and events that foster relationships with the entire East Central campus and the surrounding community? If you really want to start a new organization and its members can make this commitment, then it is time to get started with the recognition process!

Special Note: Organizations seeking to be recognized as part of the ECU Greek community should contact the Office of Campus Life & Leadership at (580) 559-5231.

Starting a New Student Organization at ECU is not complicated. This packet contains all the information you will need to apply for recognition as a student organization. University recognition will enable your organization to:

Steps for Starting a New Student Organization

  1. At least one (1) student from the Proposed Organization’s Executive Board (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer) must meet with the Office for Campus Life and Leadership to discuss the New Student Club Recognition Process. Please visit the Office for Campus Life and Leadership located in the University Center, Room 152 to set up an appointment.

  2. Have a membership composed of at least 6 East Central students and a minimum of 6 credit hours

  3. Identify a potential advisor who is a member of the East Central University faculty, staff or administration.

  4. Provide a petition signed by 50 enrolled student members indicating an interest in becoming a member of the organization

  5. The Proposed Organization must complete and submit the:

                    New Student Organization Application [Download PDF]

  6. The New Student Organization Application will be provided to the student organization representative at the initial meeting and must be completed and returned to the Office for Campus Life and Leadership.

  7. Complete ALL SECTIONS included in this Application packet:  

    a)      Agreement & Verification Form

    b)      Hazing & Non-Discrimination Policy Form

    c)      Disclaimer Form

    d)      Membership Roster with student ID numbers (Religious, Academic and Honorary groups are exempt from this requirement)

    e)      Advisor Agreement Form

    f)       Advisor Statement of Responsibility Form

  8. The Proposed Organization must create and submit a Constitution and Bylaws to the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. You will need the following information:        

    a)     Name of student organization

    b)     Purpose statement

    c)      Executive Board Positions and Duties, and Election and Impeachment Procedures

    d)     Refer to the Constitution Template if you do not have one for your particular organization. This is only an example. If you have a constitution and/or bylaws, you do not need to fill  this out.


                      Click - Creating a Constitution and Bylaws

                                  Student Organization Constitution Template

  9. Once the Proposed Organization has submitted the New Student Organization Application Form and Constitution as well as met with the Office for Campus Life and Leadership, they will go for review by the Student Government Association (SGA).

  10. The Student Senate will review the Constitution, and will ask for a representative from your group to be present to answer questions regarding issues such as the nature of your group and the need for such an organization on campus. The Senate will then vote on the proposed organization’s request for recognition and will make sure the Organization fits within the mission of ECU and will benefit the student body as a whole. If the vote is in favor of the organization’s recognition, the Parliamentarian will then submit a copy of the group’s constitution and a letter outlining the Senate’s approval of recognition to the Office of Campus Life and Leadership.

  11. If the Student Senate approves the Proposed Organization, the Organization will be given three (3) academic months of Provisional Acknowledgement.  During this time the Proposed Organization must hold at least one (1) event, bi-weekly meetings, and secure a minimum of six (6) active members.

  12. After the Provisional Acknowledgement period ends, if the club completed the requirements, they will go up for review again.  If approved, the club will be granted recognition from the Office for Campus Life and Leadership.  If the Proposed Organization does not meet the requirements during the Provisional Acknowledgement, they must reapply for recognition.

  13. If the Student Government Association (SGA) disapproves a Proposed Organization, the Organization must make the necessary changes and resubmit the requested information.
    *** Student groups whose applications for recognition are not approved by the Student Government Association have the opportunity to appeal to the Vice President for Student Development, Administration Building, Suite 103.