Annual Renewal Application

To obtain status as a recognized club or organization, each student organizations are required to renew once a year with the Office of Campus Involvement. Failure to submit this form and its supporting documents will result in the student organization not gaining recognition as a club or organization at East Central University and the rights and privileges associated with that recognition. Please register your student organization if you haven't done so. If you have any officer or organizational changes throughout the year please use this same form to renew your organization.

Process for Renewing a Student Organization:

This form is to be completed annually and submitted to the Office of Involvement by the fourth Friday in April if clubs or organizations are interested in being recognized for the upcoming year.

Annual Renewal Application Packet [Download Word File]

The Office of Campus Involvement, Administrative Building, Room 150

Privileges Within the University System:

University Student Clubs and Organizations, upon being duly recognized by the University and by remaining in good-standing:
  1. Will be included in student organization directories published through the University;
  2. May recruit members on campus;
  3. May indicate affiliation with ECU (e.g. by using the University’s name) for organizational purposes;
  4. May schedule and use University facilities and equipment for meetings, fundraisers and other programs;
  5. May establish an on-campus bank account; Collect and deposit membership dues and gifts under the guidance of University officials;
  6. Utilize monies collected by the student clubs or organizations solely for lawful organization activities under the guidance of University officials.