Welcome Week

Welcome Week is a five-day program that assists new students with their academic and social transitions to ECU. Welcome Week will connect new students with ECU,  other students, faculty, and staff. All new students are expected to attend Welcome week.
What is the purpose of attending Welcome Week?
The purpose of Welcome Week is to give you all the tools you need to get an excellent start to your college career; in particular, we want you to become an engaged college student. Welcome week does this by assisting you in developing the skills you need to be prepared for the fall semester on the first day of class. You will meet your roommate and make other new friends, and we'll help you find that student organization that is just right for you. Finally, it is our expectation that Welcome week will help you navigate your way around campus and become acquainted with the campus resources that are critical to your student success.

At East Central University, it is our strong position that all new students will benefit from this program. Your participation in the activities during the week will help you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings, which will ultimately help you succeed during your first semester and beyond.

Grab your friends and experience Welcome Back Week 2012! Below are lists of the events taking place each day:




~ An ECU student gets ready for a ride on the Orbitron! ~

~ Zoom City ~

 ~ Students get ready for their ride on the Twin-Spin! ~

~ ECU students having fun at the Block Party! ~

~ Tigers for Christ hanging out at the Howdy Fair ~

~ The Money Tree Game Show! ~

~ Brian Brushwood introduces his friend Mr. Happy Pants! ~

~ CREW with Brian Brushwood! ~