Recruitment Rules

Recruitment Rules

All recruitment rules have been established to help chapters and potential new members (PNM) uphold the recruitment system. The recruitment period has a twofold purpose: to give the potential new member every opportunity to become acquainted with as many sororities & fraternities as possible so that they may make a wise, unbiased decision concerning membership and to ensure that sororities and fraternities have equal opportunities in recruiting and membership selection under the ECU system.

All Greek organizations  and potential new members will be expected to conform to the highest standards of conduct. Mentioning subjects such as chapter reputations, stereotypes or generalizations, potential new member reputations, or promising bids for membership violates the spirit of the Greek system.

Rules in accordance with the dignity and good manners of Greek organizations:

1.       To avoid disbarring remarks about any chapter or potential new member.
2.       To create friendly relations between chapter or potential new member.
3.      To avoid publicity on IFC/Panhellenic matters which are not a concern to non-members.

Greek Life Recruitment Rules


The Office of Greek Life created the following Recruitment Rules to establish equal consideration to all Potential New Members (PNMs) and chapters. These rules are in place to help you and the chapter members maintain ethical standards during the Recruitment period.

PNM’s are expected to comply with the rules, and failure to do so may result in dismissal from Greek Recruitment. If you have any questions or know of any violation of these rules please contact the Office of Campus Life and Leadership.

THE GOLDEN RULE: It is expected that all chapters will act in good faith during rush, where as good judgment should be used in decisions concerning recruitment.  Remember that we are all here to strengthen the Greek Community, because we are stronger together than we are apart.  The Office of Campus Life and Leadership will reserve the right to levy infractions against any Chapter that does not adhere to the “Good Faith” policy.

1.       All members participating in Recruitment are responsible for knowing and observing Recruitment Rules. 

2.       Each chapter is responsible for the actions of chapter members (including alumni) during the formal recruitment period. 

3.      No chapter shall permit verbally degrading, slanderous, or offensive language, particularly against any other chapter. 

4.      Ripping down, covering up, or defacing other chapters’ flyers and advertisements is strictly prohibited.  

5.      PNMs should also refrain from gossiping or speaking negatively about recruitment parties or participating chapters.  

6.      Every chapter is to promote their own chapter and speak of all others with fondness and community demeanor. The objective of recruitment week is to introduce potential new members to the Greek Community in hopes that they will join a chapter after experiencing the recruitment process. 

7.      All promotional materials must reflect the values of the Greek community and be in good taste. 

8.      All Greek Officers will be considered neutral when they are acting in an official capacity. 

9.      Recruitment Chairs shall remain completely disaffiliated during recruitment activities. 

10.   All IFC & Panhellenic chapters must abide by Housing Policies. 

11.    The distribution of all printed materials on campus or in/around the residence halls, must comply with all campus and Residential Life policies regarding the distribution and/or posting of flyers or other materials. All materials must be approved by the Campus Life & Leadership Office. 

12.    The Office of Campus Life and Leadership has the right to patrol and govern each chapter event during the recruitment period. 

13.   Walkthroughs will be conducted on a random basis during formal and informal recruitment at the discretion of the Director of Campus Life and Leadership. At the time of a walkthrough the Director will request to look inside rooms and other areas of a chapter facility to ensure that Alcohol Policies and Time Policies are being followed. 

14.   The president of each respective chapter must be at their chapter facility at all times during formal and inform recruitment activities. They will also need to be present at the time of the walkthrough to accompany the Director of Campus Life and Leadership through the facility.  Failure of the president, or appropriate designee, to accompany the Director will be subject to documentation, with consequences to be decided by the Director. 

15.   When the president of the chapter is informed that there is to be a walkthrough conducted at a chapter facility, it is the job of the president to make sure all rooms are unlocked and open. 

16.   All recruitment events are to be alcohol free (dry) and substance free.


17.   All chapters must remain dry during the official recruitment period.  This includes parties and social gatherings on and off campus. Dates: January 30th at 8:00 a.m. – February 4th at 8:00a.m.


18.   Alcohol cannot be offered nor be available to any prospective member.


19.   Alcohol cannot be brought into the chapter lounge or other facility used for recruiting purposes by a prospective member, guest, fraternity member, or alumni.


20.  Possession or use of any illegal drugs or controlled substance cannot be offered nor be available to any prospective member.


21.    No active fraternity member may possess or use illegal or controlled substances during official recruitment.


22.   In addition to the above, no prospective member shall be exposed to any form of alcohol or drugs during Recruitment. This includes, but is not limited to discarded, empty, open, or unopened alcoholic containers.


23.   Neither fraternity member (including new pledges, associates, or members) nor invited guests (e.g. –women, men, alumni, etc.) can have any alcoholic beverage in the presence of a prospective member.


24.  Participating in or organizing social events (parties) from the time the residence halls open until the end of recruitment week will not be tolerated.


25.   Any pictures/videos used for showing Potential New Members shall not include drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substances and/or paraphernalia. (Example: red cups, beer cans, drinking games, etc…)


26.  “Dirty Rushing” is strictly prohibited in any form. This is defined as any event that includes potential new members where alcohol is being served even if the potential new member is 21 years of age. These events may include, but are not limited to, the following; 

a.      “Dirty Rushing” is further defined during a formal recruitment week as having potential new members on your property after the hours set by Greek life, which will be midnight throughout Recruitment. 

b.      Having “parties” including potential new members on and/or off chapter facility property. 

c.       Taking potential new members to the bar after recruitment events will not be tolerated and is in direct violation of recruitment rules. 

d.      Contact with potential new members over school breaks is encouraged.  However, no alcohol will be allowed around any Potential New Member during the recruitment period and events. 

e.      Chapters offering a bid to a Potential New Member that does not qualify.

27.   (PNM) Potential New Members that are not registered by Friday, January 27th at 4p.m. will not be eligible for membership.


28.  Non-students that are not enrolled at ECU are not eligible to received bids from chapter and are not permitted to participate in recruitment.


29.  Knowingly submitting inaccurate information to the Director of Campus Life and Leadership Office will not be tolerated.


30.  Members from other chapters may assist in recruitment, but must have a nametag indicting what chapter they are from.


31.   Alumni must wear nametags indicating they are alumni.


32.   Greek members and PNMs shall uphold all NPC & IFC UNANIMOUS AGREEMENTS.


33.  All recruitment events are to be alcohol free (dry) and substance free.


34.  Participation of the opposite sex in Recruitment functions is prohibited.


35.  Members and PNMs cannot buy or accept anything from one another during recruitment. Distributions of pamphlets, flyers, or printed materials are NOT ALLOWED to be passed out during Formal Recruitment.


36.  A Greek member cannot at any time promise a bid, directly or indirectly, to a PNM.


37.  All PNMs must have completed the official recruitment registration form and have paid their recruitment registration fee to participate in Recruitment.


38.  No Greek member may visit a PNM in their residence hall room, apartment or place of residence except in public areas such as study rooms, lobbies, or hallways, nor may PNMs visit any residence hall room, apartment or place of residence in which any Greek member resides.


39.  PNMs and members are not allowed to call, e-mail, or write letters to one another except for academic reasons during the recruitment period. PNMs and members are also prohibited from contacting one another via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or other social networking media.


40. Sorority members and PNMs are not to meet off campus at pre-determined locations and times.

Those persons under the influence of alcohol are strictly prohibited to be in attendance at any recruitment/rush events or at events during the Formal Rush period or at IFC or NPC sponsored events.  

1.       Any falsification of information provided in the New Member Verification Form will result in a rush infraction and referral to the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. 

2.       The opposite sex is prohibited from helping chapter recruitment efforts during any Formal Recruitment period. This includes attending chapter events or passing out recruitment information. Also there will be no pictures/videos where there are pictures of ONLY THE OPPOSITE SEX. 

3.      All Chapters and their members shall speak only of other Greek chapters in a positive manner and not speak in negative connotations about another chapter or its members.

*In the event that a PNM and Greek member are related (siblings, cousins, etc.) or share a residence are they permitted to communicate outside of Recruitment. All of those relationships must be disclosed to the Recruitment Chair and the Office of Campus Life and Leadership staff prior to Recruitment for clearance. At no point should PNMs and members discuss chapters or Recruitment, regardless of their relationship.