Freshman Housing Requirements

East Central University is committed to student success. Integral to student success and a student-centered experience is involvement in student life. One of the best ways to become involved in student life is for students to reside in the residence halls. Research has shown that students who live on campus persist and graduate at higher rates, are more satisfied with their personal college experience and show more development than students who do not live on campus. In light of these benefits of on-campus living, all freshmen under the age of 21 shall live on campus for their first academic year. Summer sessions are excluded. This policy will be in effect beginning Fall 2007. Exemptions to this policy include:

  • If you live with a parent/legal guardian
  • If you are over 21
  • If you are married
  • If you have children
  • If you have over 24 hours earned post high school
  • If you enroll in less than 9 hours per semester
  • If you are a transfer student with at least 24 hours earned post high school
  • Other extreme circumstances

Students who fall within one of the above exemptions must complete an exemption form, providing all relevant documentation and send the form to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Students filing a request based on living with a parent/legal guardian must reside with that parent or guardian for the entire academic year. If the student moves out of that residence, he/she must notify the Department of Housing and Residence Life and move into the residence halls within 5 days.

It should be noted that students who are found in violation of the residency requirement by submitting false documentation, changing their residential status and failing to report that to the Department of Housing and Residence Life within 5 days or by any other means will be subject to a fee assessment of $500 and must move back into the residence halls within 48 hours. This policy may be modified by the President.

Freshman Parent Handout (pdf)