East Central University regularly recognizes alumni and friends to the university who are doing great things in the world. The Distinguished Awards are awarded to alumni and friends who have distinguished themselves with their professional accomplishments and service to the university. The awards are given annually in May. Calls for nominations will be announced at the beginning of each Spring Semester.

2024 Nomination Form

Distinguished Alumni Criteria:

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni (defined as graduates or former students of East Central University) who have excelled in at least one of the following areas:

1. Achievement of distinctive success in his/her chosen field or profession
2. Performance of outstanding service to his/her community
3. Provision of service and contributions to the University

Officers or members of the ECU Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for this award until at least one year after they leave the Board.
Persons employed by East Central University are not eligible until after retirement.

Distinguished Family Criteria:

A “family” is defined as at least five (5) people, including extended family and deceased family members, who have attended East Central University, with a majority of those being graduates of the University. Any nominated family must have played an identifiable and significant role in the success of East Central University and in their respective communities as demonstrated in at least one of the following ways:

1. Contributions in the form of gifts or services to an ECU department
2. Continued and significant involvement in University activities
3. Success at East Central University
4. Significant civic involvement

Distinguished Former Faculty Criteria:

Any faculty member(s) nominated as Distinguished Former Faculty should meet the following criteria:

1. Should be retired from East Central University for a minimum of two (2) years.
2. Should have achieved tenure at East Central University.
3. Should have contributed to the reputation and well-being of the University.
4. Should have established a reputation as a good teacher by excelling in classroom teaching, and be fondly remembered by former students.
5. Should be a person who inspires immediate positive recognition among former students and faculty

Distinguished Service Criteria:

Any individual, family or organization nominated to receive this award should meet the following criteria:

1. Must have demonstrated a constant interest in and support of the University over time while exemplifying the ideals of the University.
2. Must have provided outstanding service to the University which contributed in an identifiable and significant way to the success of the University.
3. Service contribution may be for a particular accomplishment, or a sustained and exemplary record of service beyond an individual’s, family’s, or organization’s direct personal interests.

Because of the nature of this award, the nominee does not have to be directly affiliated with the University.