Graduate Programs Offered in Ardmore

Master of Science in Human Resources
The Master's Degree in Human Resources is designed to provide the student with the theory, knowledge, and skills necessary for employment in a variety of public and private settings.

  • Human Resources - 0891 (36 hours)
    Two options:

    TRACK A - Administration - focuses upon the problem-solving and decision-making responsibilities of modern management. It is aimed at providing broad-based preparation for careers in administration in either the public or private sector.

    TRACK B - Human Services - provides the opportunity for development of the necessary skills to become an effective human service provider. Students will learn the concepts necessary for organizational and client program development, as well as broad based skills for working with clients. Students will develop skills in case management, client employment and development, and strategies for a wide range of problem solving in the human services field.
  • Criminal Justice - 0895 (36 hours)
    The Criminal Justice option provides students the opportunity to develop the advanced skills and knowledge needed to function effectively in the full range of criminal justice professions. The program also provides the opportunity to acquire the resources necessary for program development and management.

Master of Education
The Master of Education degree enables teachers to expand their career possibilities and to develop and improve their skills, allowing them to work more effectively with children, parents, and teachers. 

  • Library Media - 0900 (32 hours)
    The Masters of Library Media is designed for graduate students planning to become a School Library Media Specialist in grades PK-12 in public or private educational settings. The intent of the program is to prepare competent, certified School Library Media Specialists in accordance with the state and national professional standards and guidelines. All areas of school librarianship, including technology, are emphasized. Special attention is given to the development of the student as a consumer of research along with a major emphasis on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary to become a School Library Media Specialist.
  • Educational Leadership - 0980 (32 hours)
    The graduate program option for Educational Leadership is designed for the graduate student specializing in administration for grades K-12. Special attention is given to the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become an effective school principal. In order to complete this option, a student must hold and maintain a valid teaching certificate and must have completed two years of successful public school teaching.
  • Educational Technology - 1040 (32 hours)
    The Master of Education in Educational Technology is intended for the individual who desires to develop advanced knowledge and skills in the integration of technology to effectively support teaching and learning. This program offers a specific emphasis on designing, implementing, and evaluating 21st Century digital learning environments.
  • Sports Administration - 1050 (33 hours)
    The Master of Education in Sports Administration specialization is designed to prepare the professional educator for positions as Head Coach, Athletic Director, or other administrative positions responsible for directing athletic programs. The program is based on specialized courses in athletic administration.

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