Students at East Central University with outstanding academic performance during the spring semester have been included on the President's and Deans' Honor Rolls.

The President's Honor Roll is reserved for students who earned A's in all their courses for a perfect 4.0 grade point average. The Deans' Honor Roll lists students who have at least a 3.33 grade point average with no grade lower than a C. At least 12 credit hours must be completed successfully during the semester to be included on either honor roll.

Students who are on the PRESIDENT'S HONOR ROLL are listed by hometowns with their majors:

ADA -- Shawn R. Allen, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Rachel N. Arms, elementary education; Adam O. Bailey, nursing; Jessika K. Bailey, human services counseling; Stefanie D. Baldwin, elementary education; Luke N. Balmer, pre-engineering; Kyle T. Bare, elementary education; Silvia J. Barkechir, biology; Katie E. Barr, nursing; Joshua D. Bess, physical education (teacher certificate); Brittani M. Bishop, nursing; Kaylie Janae Blackwell, English; Honei L. Blankenship, elementary education; David A. Boyd, history (teacher certificate); Nicole E. Brown, special education; Rachael N. Bryant, psychology; Nicholas P. Buckley, human services counseling; Dana R. Bult, nursing; Amber L. Calvert, early childhood education; Lucas W. Cane, history (teacher certificate); Michael P. Capshaw, human services counseling; Kerrie L. Carter, elementary education; Kyle D. Caufield, history (teacher certificate); Dawna R. Charley, elementary education; April E. Chesser, human services counseling (rehab); Mark W. Choate, accounting; Amanda Jean Cowan, kinesiology (athletic training); Karen Crowe, legal studies; Joshua Cody Davis, computer science; Montana S. Dugger, criminal justice (law enforcement); Samuel C. Edwards, math; Holly M. Eidson, early childhood education; Karla Jo Eller, elementary education; Sarah Kathleen Enloe, environmental health science; Laura R. Foster, early childhood education; Jerry Frank Fox, criminal justice (law enforcement); Allison L. Franks, elementary education; Brandon M. Frye, mass communication; Tyrra A. Grant, nursing; Rachel L. Hall, nursing; La'Thea December Harjo, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Jayci Jo Harris, early childhood education; Crystal M. Haskins, human services; Amanda J. Hayes, Spanish education; Tyler B. Henshall, pre-medicine; Lisa D. Howard, sociology; Lacy L. Hunley, biology; Tamela S. Iles, human services counseling (deaf); Raeanne N. Ingram, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Rob C. Inman, sociology; Charles A. Jantzen, biology; Rusty L. Johnson, history; Faith Kiio, nursing; Chad Allen Large, English (teacher certificate); Darlene Lawley, elementary education; Matthew M. Liddell, history (teacher certificate); Amanda E. Lotter, elementary education; Dyana L. Malloy, communication studies; Jessica A. Malloy, biology (teacher certificate); Riley T. Mann, nursing; Daniel D. Manuel, physical education (teacher certificate); Amanda C. Martin, nursing; Teresa L. Martin-Roberts, elementary education; De A. Mashburn, history (teacher certificate); Naseam Mayahi, biology; Casidy Elizabeth McAlester, human services counseling (deaf); Matthew David McCready, history; Rachel C. McCready, English (teacher certificate); Nikki D. McElhannon, early childhood education; Lee Don McElroy, environmental health science; Chelsea E. McReynolds, family & consumer sciences; Audra Michelle Meadows, nursing; Ashley M. Meeks, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Cristin R. Miller, special education; Kelly M. Miller, nursing; Seanna L. Miller, human services counseling (rehab); William C. Miller, sociology; James W. Monroe, music (instrumental); Patrick S. Murray, cartography (geotechniques); Sherry Y. Nail, Native American studies; Brent T. Nakad, history (teacher certificate); Scott T. Nevland, physical education (teacher certificate); Jarad L. Norton, physical education (teacher certificate); Hidetoshi Ohnari, communication studies; Cynthia C. Orrick, early childhood education; Braden D. Parmer, pre-optometry; Shae Vaughn Parmer, history; Kaitlyn Amanda Peak, history (teacher certificate); Pepper Jane Peters, criminal justice (law enforcement); Erica Grace Phillips, music (instrumental); Allie K. Plunk, elementary education; Jessica D. Plunk, elementary education; Kimberly Anne Potter, psychology; Danielle M. Ritter, criminal justice (law enforcement); Joshua Aaron Roberson, biology (teacher certificate); Laurie L. Schweinle, English; Amber E. Scott, elementary education; Bryan D. Scott, chemistry; Anthony Lee Shelton, nursing; Suzan G. Smith, accounting; Crystal Renee Stepp, elementary education; James Stewart, sociology; Amanda Ruth Stidham, accounting; Augusta Rae Stidham, accounting; Candise E. Story, human services counseling (rehab); Clarence B. Story, biology (teacher certificate); Amanda L. Tarver, communication studies (music theatre); Vernon T. Thetford, physical education (teacher certificate); Bethany Carol Toombs, accounting; John M. Toombs, cartography (geotechniques); Brittany D. Trail, communication studies (speech teacher certificate); Eliza Louise Van Horn, early childhood education; Jessica N. Van Zant, elementary education; Katie Beth Walker, physical education (teacher certificate); Clayton F. Ward, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Jennifer D. Watson, Native American studies; Coby W. Webster, biology; Krista D. Weeks, nursing; Erin L. Wetherill-Ochoa, art (studio art); Hayley M. White, English (teacher certificate); Kahla Nichole White, chemistry; Jennifer Lee Whitley, human services counseling (deaf); Jessica L. Whitley, early childhood education; Angela Anne Wood, undecided undergraduate; Courtney M. Woodson, nursing; Kathleen Marie Worthley, elementary education; Steven M. Wright, business administration; Melissa Lynn York, psychology.

ALLEN -- Kristi Michelle Bailey, psychology; Jonnathon J. Hicks, political science; Carrie Ann Koonce, elementary education; Samantha Jane Manuel, English (teacher certificate); Kevin N. Ross, pre-medicine.

ARDMORE -- Jenna R. Allen, business administration; Jennifer Ruth Bittner, psychology; Lauren Belle Burks, human services counseling; Drew Ryan Butler, English; Ronna L. Butler, business administration (finance); Cody W. Bynum, physical education (teacher certificate); Lindsey Dare Chronister, kinesiology (exercise science); Jessica A. Holley, psychology; Nataly R. Keeton, accounting; Lisa LaRae McEntire, human services counseling; Georganna Leann Milton, sociology; Brandon E. Pettigrew, human services counseling; Phoebe Kate Price, communication studies; Molly Beth Pullin, general studies; Jeremy M. Rainer, history (teacher certificate); Jacinda R. Ricks, nursing; Rebekah L. Unruh, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

ASHER -- Chelsey A. Schroeder, elementary education.

ATOKA -- Carla A. Cochran, nursing; Lauren Rhae Durbin, communication studies (speech teacher certification); Michelle Lee Moore, nursing; Kelsey E. Ratcliff, family & consumer sciences education.

ATWOOD -- Olivia M. Nickell, early childhood education.

BOWLEGS -- Jessica L. Jackson, early childhood education.

BRISTOW -- Amy Nicole York, business administration (marketing).

BYARS -- George Clinton Burr, psychology.

CALVIN -- Jason A. Carter, physical education (teacher certificate); Jenna L. Kuhlman, biology.

CANADIAN -- Lacey Renee Reasnor, criminal justice (juvenile justice).

CHOCTAW -- Mark D. Wallinger, business administration (management information systems); Jennifer A. Young, biology.

CLAYTON -- Jessie Marie Johnico, elementary education.

COALGATE -- Maria DelRocio Maynard, nursing; Kristina J. Milam, special education; Julie A. West, health information management.

COLEMAN -- Jennifer L. Gurley, nursing; Tosha L. Whitmire, nursing; ReAnn L. Zancanella, nursing.

DAVIS -- Morgan Jean Brown, biology; Phillip K. Carter, computer science; Christopher Chance Dalley, business administration (management); Dustyn M. Russell, business administration (finance).

DOVER -- Veronica Valles, human services counseling.

DURANT -- Brandy J. Anderson, nursing; Kimberly D. Ansiel, nursing; Christabelle Canales Daradal, nursing; Alison F. Hicks, nursing; Lyndsey Ellen Purl, nursing; Cindy Eileen Smith, nursing.

DUSTIN -- Ana Maria Berry, math (teacher certificate).

EDMOND -- Brooke N. Geisler, communication studies (music theatre); Sarah M. Hail, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

ELMORE CITY -- Jessica F. Ferguson, physics (medical physics); Katie R. Hammrich, criminal justice; Patrick R. Tadlock, political science; Kristen R. Thompson, physics (medical physics); Tiffany Lea Williams, early childhood education.

FOX -- Tyra J. Lewis, chemistry.

HAILEYVILLE -- Ivora Palestine Sensibaugh, social work.

HARRAH -- Melissa D. Barnes, nursing; Samantha D. Elliott, communication studies (speech teacher certification). HAWORTH -- Erica Nicole Barber, nursing.

HEALDTON -- Jacobi E. Nichols, political science.

HINTON -- Laci L. House, elementary education.

HOLDENVILLE -- Mitch L. Enos, business administration (finance); Robin A. Ewers, elementary education; Elizabeth Denise Franks, legal studies; Scott Dewayne Johnson, art (teacher certificate); Fred Lee Ward, social work.

HUGO -- Lauren Faith Polk, family & consumer sciences education.

IDABEL -- Kacey D. Thomas, biology.

INDIANOLA -- BreAnn L. Vaughn, psychology.

KINTA -- Whitney Anastacia Smith, social work.

KONAWA -- Katie G. Akerman, kinesiology (exercise science); Easton Dakota Denton, mass communication; Julia Ann Dunagan, early childhood education; Pamela K. Hollowell, human services counseling (deaf); Dale W. Johnson, human services counseling (rehab); Mark B. Kosemund, history; Laura D. Kuestersteffen, biology; Erica R. McCraw, human services counseling (rehab); Reece C. Melton, nursing; Natalie Elaine Walker, accounting; Amber N. Yott, elementary education.

LAMAR -- Ashley A. Carpenter, elementary education.

LEXINGTON -- Jennifer Horton, health information management; Coty M. Smith, elementary education.

LONE GROVE -- Kris D. George, psychology; Cynthia Michele Mose, human services counseling.

MADILL -- Jeffrey B. Gaylor, English; Sina Lan, pre-medicine; Ashleigh E. McKinzie, sociology; Cassandra V. Smith, elementary education.

MARIETTA -- Stephanie Gail Burrage, pre-pharmacy; Daniel L. Dugger, biology; Kaci Leigh Plunkett, English. MARLOW -- Ashley L. Whatley, physical education (teacher certificate).

MAUD -- Kelli E. Shatto, early childhood education.

McALESTER -- Kacie L. Cantrell, family & consumer sciences education; Billi Jean Coffman, elementary education; Melissa J. Gupton, nursing; Amy Renee Larue, elementary education; Angela G. Marshall, English; Amanda Kaye Murray, elementary education; Alice Rane Pearson, human services counseling; Melanie K. Ross, nursing; Morgan K. Sennett, pre-engineering; Megan L. Sherrill, psychology; Twylia A. Sherrill, elementary education; Kimberly Joan Waldrop, elementary education.

McLOUD -- Amy E. Gonzales, early childhood education.

MEAD -- Nikki LeAnn Miller, nursing.

MEEKER -- Alicia R. Flick, nursing.

MILBURN -- Lisa Diane McClendon, early childhood education; Erica N. Needham, early childhood education.

MOORE -- Andrea N. Phan, art (teacher certificate).

MOUNDS -- Whitney P. Fletcher, mass communication (electronic/print media); Lauren D. Hensley, history.

MULDROW -- Eric L. Cherry, elementary education; Tyffany Michelle Osborn, political science.

MUSTANG -- Lindsay Elaine Workman, nursing.

OKEMAH -- Glendon Keith Gunter, kinesiology (recreation); Carrie V. Sexton, elementary education.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Carl Matthew Chandler, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); James T. Walley, computer science.

PADEN -- Robin Denice Bullard, elementary education; Brad A. Litle, criminal justice (law enforcement); Angela C. Vander Sys, elementary education.

PANAMA -- Lindsay M. Stankewitz, criminal justice (law enforcement).

PAOLI -- Pamela Renee Filipelli, art (studio art); Jennifer L. Gibson, early childhood education.

PAULS VALLEY -- Alfonso Colmenares, elementary education; Randi M. Fritsche, nursing; Tandi M. Gray, social work; Tobey Chase Hatton, pre-physical therapy; Ricki J. Looney, social work; Jonathan W. Mackey, math (teacher certificate); Ross C. Mynhier, accounting; Lauren B. Patton, human services counseling (rehab); Rocky B. Walker, history (teacher certificate).

PITTSBURG -- Julie Elizabeth Barnes, kinesiology (exercise science).

PORUM -- Rosa M. Harrison, early childhood education.

PRAGUE -- Hannah R. Heinzig, nursing; Samantha L. Pearson, social work; Christy A. Pritchett, human services counseling (rehab).

PURCELL -- Rayce Dean Hammond, nursing; Wesley Franklin Lawrence, physical education (teacher certificate); Ashley D. Robertson, pre-engineering.

ROFF -- Tara N. Matthews, nursing; Teri A. Thomas, elementary education.

SAND SPRINGS -- Joel A. Foster, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

SASAKWA -- Jennifer C. Jesse, nursing; Jennifer Renee Welch, nursing.

SAVANNA -- Chad Austin Carson, physical education (teacher certificate); Megan M. Carson, chemistry.

SAYRE -- Joseph P. Mohr, political science.

SEMINOLE -- Annette Marie Gibbs, human services counseling (rehab); Kayla Marie Johnson, elementary education; Stewart Bruce McCoin, history; Megan L. Palmer, math (teacher certificate); Saehan Park, chemistry; Jacqueline R. Sinor, art (teacher certificate); Phyllis Kay Tucker, early childhood education.

SHAWNEE -- Kristi D. Bailey, elementary education; William C. Begley, human services counseling; Buel B. Bohannon, criminal justice (adult corrections); Mary M. Brannan, social work; Brandi K. Brasiel, kinesiology (exercise science); Anna Michelle Crane, math (teacher certificate); Sabrina Nicole Decker, English; Kelley Rae Edmonds, early childhood education; Heather M. Gilmore, social work; Helen Iheukwumere, math (teacher certificate); Kelsey Lynn Kuryk, pre-dentistry; Stacy L. Maher, legal studies; Brandi L. Marsh, elementary education; Shelby Jordan Thompson, pre-physical therapy; Jessie L. Wooten, biology.

STIGLER -- Jessica LeAnne Smith, early childhood education.

STONEWALL -- Kelly R. Acuna, human services counseling (rehab); Debra J. Carrell, nursing; Rebecca L. Rahbusch, elementary education; Carissa A. Rodgers, communication studies; Checed A. Rodgers, legal studies; Jennifer L. Timmons, human services counseling.

STRATFORD -- Stephanie D. Barnett, physics (medical physics); Amber R. Cannon, cartography (geotechniques); Karen A. Drannon, nursing; Alyssa Brooke Eickenhorst, math (teacher certificate); Jared S. Hasley, cartography (geotechniques); Adrienne E. Hurt, elementary education; Dianna R. Kriegh, history (teacher certificate); Micky Lee Kriegh, nursing; Jeanette S. Naugle, elementary education; Jeannett L. Phillips, cartography (geotechniques); Robert T. Snowden, biology.

STUART -- Krystle Elaine Countz, criminal justice (juvenile justice).

SULPHUR -- Teah R. Allen, early childhood education; Zechariah D. Basaldua, business administration; Siedra DeAnn Caleb, English; Amanda L. Chebultz, early childhood education; Caleb J. Lochridge, business administration (finance); Amber Rae Magby, human services counseling (deaf); Olga B. Medina, biology; Destry P. Richardson, criminal justice (law enforcement); Desa Lynn Smith, early childhood education; Alisha N. Stevens, human services counseling; Shannon Denise Thomison, sociology; Donita G. Whitehead, human services counseling (rehab).

TALIHINA -- Shannon F. Potts, elementary education.

TECUMSEH -- Corey B. Dozier, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Thomas Andrew Long, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Heather A. Maranell, elementary education; Rachel A. Young, pre-pharmacy.

TULSA -- Maria Nicole Harlas, history (teacher certificate).

TUSKAHOMA -- Jennifer L. Peterson, elementary education; Carla A. Pitchford, elementary education.

TUTTLE -- Kayla Don Meeks, pre-physical therapy.

VINITA -- Kristin M. Stecklein, music-piano (teacher certificate).

WANETTE -- Kevin R. Mclendon, physical education (teacher certificate); Matthew T. Payne, physics.

WAPANUCKA -- Kyle G. Ingram, biology; Alex B. Schaffer, business administration (entrepreneurship).

WARDVILLE -- Rachel E. Mason, nursing.

WAYNE -- Penny Louise Thompson, human services counseling.

WELTY -- Alisha M. Bergner, early childhood education.

WETUMKA -- Naomi L. Bremer, mass communication (electronic/print media); Roselynn R. Simpson, biology; Lori Michele Williams, elementary education.

WEWOKA -- Angela Marie Blanton, social work; Samantha Lynn Dolan, early childhood education; Micco P. Haney, business administration (finance); Jamie Ann Stricklin, elementary education.

WILBURTON -- Kathleen Marie Herren, social work.

WILSON -- Joey L. Buck, kinesiology (exercise science).

WYNNEWOOD -- Cherri Sue Dobbins, human services counseling (rehab); Stephanie Dawn Moore, elementary education.

YUKON -- Kathryn A. Wilson, mass communication (electronic/print media).

ALMA, ARK. -- Lauren R. McGinnis, early childhood education.

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. -- Logan L. Duncan, criminal justice (adult corrections).

FRONTENAC, KAN. -- Dana E. McLaren, kinesiology (exercise science).

WINTER HAVEN, FLA. -- Megan Jo Miller, math-applied/pre-actuary.

LILBURN, GA. -- Tyler Mark Jackson, environmental health science.

MARION, N.Y. -- Kimberly A. Wise, math (teacher certificate).

ALLEN, TEXAS -- Laura A. McNab, pre-physical therapy.

COPPELL, TEXAS -- Brycen Smith Cole, criminal justice (law enforcement).

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Beatrice M. Mogoa, nursing.

DENISON, TEXAS -- Brian Neil Schapansky, nursing.

FRISCO, TEXAS -- Lema E. Dohmanju, nursing.

IRVING, TEXAS -- Gaberial R. Jackson, early childhood education.

MESQUITE, TEXAS -- Emily Renee Kennemer, physical education (teacher certificate).

PATTONVILLE, TEXAS -- Jessica Megan Graham, nursing.

RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- Jordan E. Antonisse, biology.

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON -- Boris Geoffrey Fonga Tapja, business administration (management information systems).

WUCHANG WUHAN, CHINA -- Jing Chen, math-applied/pre-actuary.

JOHOR BAHRU, JOHOR -- An Qi Ho, math-applied/pre-actuary.

ELDORET, KENYA -- Daniel Kiptoo, physics.

ELDORET RIFT VALLEY, KENYA -- Derick Kosgei, business administration (management).

KATHMANDU NEPAL -- Sanjeeb Banjara, biology (clinical laboratory scientist).

KHAFJI, SAUDI ARABIA -- Syeda S. Iqbal, business administration (finance).


STUDENTS ON THE DEANS' HONOR ROLL, listed by hometowns with their majors, are:

ADA -- Annivy G. Acheampong, nursing; Derek W. Akers, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Brittney Nicole Allen, psychology; Jesse L. Allen, business administration (management); Athena S. Angelly, nursing; Toria S. Avery, pre-medicine; Tara Janette Avilez, pre-physical therapy; Mona Awasthi, nursing; Maranda M. Babb, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Karry Baker, elementary education; Samuel D. Baker, post-graduate (certificate only); Sara D. Baker, human services counseling; Robert J. Baldwin, political science; Darnell A. Barnes, physical education (teacher certificate); Michael A. Barnes, cartography (geography); Richard T. Baughman, business administration; Matthew Kale Beaver, kinesiology (exercise science); Joshua W. Bennett, pre-pharmacy; Sarra Jayne Blok, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Tommy Bond, cartography (geography); Courtnie D. Booker, kinesiology (exercise science); Clinton Jay Bowker, physical education (teacher certificate); Aleisha M. Brewer, political science; Danielle Briley, elementary education; James Keith Brockman, English; Megan Breanne Broderick, early childhood education; Sara Joy Brooks, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Kolbie Paul Brown, cartography (geotechniques); Justin L. Burnett, pre-medicine; Mark D. Bush, math; Megan L. Byrd, human services counseling; Noelia B. Caballero, business administration (management); Arvin P. Camata, biology (clinical lab scientist); Janeth F. Cardoza, nursing; Justin T. Carter, sociology; Jacob T. Castleberry, criminal justice (law enforcement); Jana M. Cawthon, elementary education; Jeffrey David Cawthon, kinesiology (athletic training); Alvaro A. Celaya, kinesiology (exercise science); Casey R. Chatfield, medical technology; James Wilson Cluck, physics; Julie M. Coble, business administration (management); Kay Taylor Colbert, general studies; Jessica L. Conley, history; Meagan E. Conway, criminal justice (law enforcement); Courtney G. Cook, Native American studies; Christopher L. Cox, cartography (geotechniques); Michelle R. Cox, elementary education; Candice C. Cranford, health information management; Kelsey Ann Creed, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Carris R. Crowe, early childhood education; Ryan A. Crowe, early childhood education; Sarah E. Crowe, history; Sabrina S. Crowell, nursing; Brittany K. Cupps, early childhood education; Justin E. Curry, cartography (geotechniques); Ashley A. Curtis, nursing; William M. Davis, mass communication; John R. DeMoss, business administration (finance); Jessica Lea Detherow, accounting; Erica D. Dickinson, business administration; Kyle L. Dickinson, accounting; Caleb John Dillard, business administration (management); Briana Elaine Dirrim, mass communication; Heather N. Dollins, human services counseling (deaf); Heather J. Duns, early childhood education; Candice R. Easly, elementary education; Brandi K. Eatherly, nursing; Daron L. Ellis, kinesiology (recreation); Krystal E. Estabrooks, elementary education; Bartley Wade Estes, cartography (geography); Destiny Ann Fergueson, English; Preston W. Fillmore, criminal justice (law enforcement); Holly G. Flowers, social work; Kelly D. Fontenot, human services counseling; Stacy N. Forehand, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Joshua D. Forrester, English; Cody F. Foster, business administration; Darrin A. Foster, physics (medical physics); Timothy S. Frederick, elementary education; Terri S. Fulton, nursing; Chelsea M. Furr, criminal justice (law enforcement); John Robert Galbreaith, sociology; Claudia P. Gamarra, business administration (management); Shelby D. Garvin, social work; Kylee Jo Gillum, social work; Karena M. Gollihare, communication studies; Jesse B. Gordon, communication studies; Elisa M. Graham, nursing; Cordial L. Green, history; Joshua L. Gregston, biology; Cody W. Griffin, kinesiology (exercise science); Randi Sue Hall, communication studies (theatre); Jon W. Haney, nursing; Stephanie D. Harris, biology; Bobby S. Hatton, biology; Misti M. Hatton, elementary education; William R. Hayden, criminal justice (law enforcement); Bradley C. Hennan, business administration (entrepreneurship); Tracey G. Hicks, history; Breanna S. Hill, social work; Eric S. Hollingsworth, art (studio art); Jeffrey W. Hoover, business administration; Jenifer T. Hoover, early childhood education; Brian R. Horton, cartography (geography); Joshua David Houchin, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Brandon K. Householder, kinesiology (recreation); David K. Howland, math; Danna Danae Howry, music (vocal); Jennifer A. Huff, mass communication (electronic/print media); Tyler M. Jackson, physical education (teacher certificate); Eevie Claire Jennings, psychology; Gina L. Johnson, human services counseling (rehab); Alex Marie Jones, human services counseling (deaf); Brittany L. Jones, kinesiology (athletic training); Marissa Danielle Jones, human services counseling (rehab); Zachary B. Jones, criminal justice (law enforcement); Sidnee E. Jordan, psychology; Angela Kalanoska, business administration (management); Jalinda K. Kelley, sociology; Melissa A. Kennedy, nursing; Rachel D. Kent, nursing; Cori Lyn Kilgore, art (teacher certificate); Michelle Ashlee Krzywda, elementary education; Brandon L. Lackey, accounting; Patrick Kacey Laird, kinesiology (athletic training); Mary S. LeFors, social work; Alison L. Lee, pre-medicine; James K. Lee, history (teacher certificate); Karenda Elaine Ludlow, pre-dental hygiene; Molly L. Maloy, communication studies (speech teacher certificate); Aaron S. Manuel, undecided undergraduate; Benjamin J. Matlock, cartography (geotechniques); Jennifer J. McCreary, elementary education; Jordan T. McCullough, business administration (finance); Peyton Cruise McCurley, undecided undergraduate; Kasey N. McKinzie, English; Ryan P. McMahan, human services counseling; Joel C. McReynolds, business administration (marketing); Casey N. McSwain, physical education (teacher certificate); Tahrea W. Millberry, Spanish education; Barbara L. Miller, business administration (marketing); Candice R. Miser, Spanish education; Teddy J. Mitchell, early childhood education; Carmen L. Mondejar, sociology; Stephanie L. Morris, legal studies; Walter James Morris, business administration (management); April D. Mosier, biology; Kristina M. Napolitano, psychology, Julia J. Ngarui, nursing; Connie H. Nice, accounting; Amanda R. Norman, biology (teacher certificate); Sarah Elizabeth O'Connor, early childhood education; Jeannia G. Page, early childhood education; Melodie LeAnn Parker, social work; Wyas G. Parker, mass communication (electronic/print media); Kaci J. Patton, business administration (finance); Joshua Clay Plunk, elementary education; Joshua R. Pollock, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Kylor R. Pool, criminal justice (law enforcement); Joseph M. Potter, environmental health science; Hisham K. Rafi, business administration (management information systems); Jennifer L. Rains, business administration (entrepreneurship); Brandy K. Rauch, psychology; Joshua A. Redmond, biology; Rufus John Reed, business administration (entrepreneurship); Kelly M. Renken, art (teacher certificate); Keni Chelese Rhines, psychology; Stephanie E. Rickey, pre-physical therapy; Aaron D. Riley, physics (medical physics); Ryan J. Ringle, art (studio art); Craig B. Roark, physical education (teacher certificate); Alexis D. Robertson, early childhood education; Gracie Anne Robertson, early childhood education; Jared L. Robertson, nursing; Lorene E. Rocker, human services counseling; QiongMu Ross, nursing; George W. Russell, pre-medicine; Ryan M. Seely, pre-law; Valina Sefa, biology; Stevanna N. Segerlund, early childhood education; Destiney B. Sellers, nursing; Regina C. Shannon, business administration (finance); Brytanie D. Shinault, kinesiology (exercise science); Chase W. Sires, biology; Christa D. Smith, sociology; Samantha L. Smith, history; Ronda Gayl Sockey, human services counseling (rehab); Jeffery Alan Spears, math (teacher certificate); Daniel D. Stettler, business administration (management); Amber L. Stockwell, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Michelle D. Sturgell, nursing; Trevor J. Suffal, business administration (management); Melissa Sue Sullivan, physical education (teacher certificate); Kimberly Mariko Suzuki, psychology; Matthew Woodlief Sweatt, business administration; Kendra P. Sweda, business administration (finance); Nathan D. Sweeney, sociology; David S. Swift, physics (medical physics); Trisha L. Swift, psychology; LaDonna M. Thompson, criminal justice (adult corrections); Brooke N. Trail, human services counseling (deaf); Joshua D. Turner, math (teacher certificate); Philip Blake Tweedy, physical education (teacher certificate); Chiemi Umeda, physics (medical physics); Jessica Lynn Vines, business administration; Kandice Nicole Wallis, human services counseling; Manuella Warrior, nursing; Kalee Marie Wegley, kinesiology (exercise science); Kathryn M. Wellington, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Jessica Renee Whalen, early childhood education; Denise A. Williams, social work; Rachel A. Williams, social work; Rachel D. Williams, nursing; Bethany M. Wilson, biology; Cody L. Wilson, art (studio art); DeShanna R. Wilson, business administration (marketing); Joseph D. Windham, math-applied/pre-actuary; Melissa Jill Windham, math (teacher certificate); Caleb J. Wingo, physics (medical physics); Lyndsey Jo Winton, early childhood education; Seth D. Woodell, environmental health science; Brittany M. Worcester, early childhood education; Michaela K. Worcester, English; Liming Xie, nursing; Josh R. Yarbrough, business administration (finance).

ALLEN -- Heather Dawn Martin, math (teacher certificate); Cynthia Ann Mellon, mass communication (electronic/print media); Jesse A. Turpin, cartography (geotechniques).

ANTLERS -- Jacy B. Shockey, nursing; Clark C. Tucker, criminal justice (law enforcement).

APACHE -- Sawyer Rae Pierce, nursing.

ARDMORE -- Kristen L. Auten, English (teacher certificate); Justin E. Burks, business administration (finance); Kristin Elise Butler, biology; Jason M. Carnahan, pre-medicine; Ryan M. Chandler, biology; Charity Joy Crosby, human services counseling; Jarrod A. Doyal, mass communication (electronic/print media); Jeremiah S. Edwards, mass communication (electronic/print media); Bradley G. England, legal sltudies; Tonya Renee Eppeland, human services counseling; Kristy D. Hacker, human services counseling; Vicki Rene Keck, human services counseling; Angela K. McFarland, human services counseling; Debra A. McKown, biology; Bridget Y. Moore, Native American studies; Roberta Lyn Morriss, human services counseling; Emily Anne Noland, business administration; Kara J. Payne, business administration (entrepreneurship); Jesse Clyde Redden, mass communication (electronic/print media); Laura Ann Rogers, human services counseling.

ASHER -- James D. Linn, music (instrumental).

ATOKA -- Rebecca D. McGuire, nursing.

ATWOOD -- Maegan R. Russell, early childhood education.

BATTIEST -- Jennifer M. Hicks, legal studies.

BEGGS -- Dimitri C. Johnson, criminal justice (law enforcement); Adam D. Mount, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Shayla M. Sams, nursing.

BETHANY -- LaPorsha T. Coats, pre-physical therapy.

BIXBY -- Chelsea B. Schroeder, computer science; Megan M. Schroeder, nursing.

BLANCHARD -- Wesley G. Fawcett, computer science.

BLANCO -- Debra Sue Ellis, human services counseling.

BROKEN ARROW -- Richard Blake Barnes, kinesiology (exercise science).

BROKEN BOW -- Candice L. Camp, early childhood education.

CALVIN -- Felisha G. Harris, social work; Lindsey J. Holman, early childhood education; Brittany Nicole Madden, pre-medicine.

CENTRAHOMA -- Charity K. Eddings, human services counseling.

CHOCTAW -- Ashly L. Bryce, early childhood education; Mistin L. Ray, environmental health science.

CLAREMORE -- Kaitlyn Krystine Fallin, accounting; Miranda Renee Green, psychology.

CLAYTON -- Tracie D. Garrison, special education.

CLEVELAND -- David Wesley Shaeffer, sociology.

COALGATE -- Kelly R. Blevins, physical education (teacher certificate); Susan D. Brecheen, nursing.

COLBERT -- Tiffany Renea Hopkins, nursing.

COLLINSVILLE -- Ryan A. Gilmartin, accounting; Nathaniel C. Sheeley, music (instrumental).

COMANCHE -- Elizabeth A. Stewart, human services counseling (rehab).

DAVIS -- Jordan R. Chadwick, biology; Taylor N. Chadwick, pre-medicine; Justin B. Coppenbarger, elementary education; Joshua W. Gillihan, business administration (entrepreneurship); Natalie D. Moss, kinesiology (recreation); Jake R. Sawatzky, criminal justice (law enforcement); Shannon N. Surface, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Kayla Nicole Williams, elementary education.

DRUMRIGHT -- Whitlee Nashell Freeman, chemistry; Ryan Wilson Ishmael, biology.

DUNCAN -- Cayla D. Wright, nursing.

DURANT -- Wendi S. Harrington, nursing; Jennifer Ellan LaRue, nursing; Jordan Nicole Ledbetter, elementary education; Jessica T. Nguyen, business administration (entrepreneurship); Lois Ann Peevyhouse, nursing; Wendy Laneil Pierce, nursing; Christopher A. Webber, nursing.

EARLSBORO -- Eldon T. Gentry, physical education (teacher certificate); Staci R. James, elementary education; Jerri L. White, social work.

EDMOND -- Justin R. Wulf, physics (medical physics); Tanner Ryan Young, accounting.

ELMORE CITY -- Cari L. Adams, history; Tina A. Casey, English.

ENID -- Megan N. Kimak, nursing.

EUFAULA -- Sharon Kay Parker, social work.

FITTSTOWN -- Fredonia Ann Logsdon, human services counseling.

FITZHUGH -- Amy Byrd, kinesiology (exercise science).

FOX -- Jace M. Jenkins, business administration (finance); Michael Boyd Lewis, criminal justice (law enforcement).

FRANCIS -- Michelle A. Cole, nursing; Lindsey R. Ross, biology.

HARRAH -- Kathryn J. Beck, human services counseling (aging); Cory Nicholson, accounting.

HARTSHORNE -- Haylee K. Dollins, human services counseling (deaf).

HEALDTON -- Derek B. Bolt, biology; Nellie Maryellen McLemore, human services counseling.

HEAVENER -- Rebecca R. Fleig, psychology.

HOLDENVILLE -- John A. Baca, political science; Julia E. Balderrama, elementary education; Megan A. Bateman, English; Rebecca Brooks, social work; Shawna Rene Cason, human services counseling (rehab); Jamie R. Fulghum, elementary education; April E. Gentry, kinesiology (exercise science); Laura E. Johnson, math (teacher certificate); Thomas G. Johnson, human services counseling; Savannah Rae Lynch, kinesiology (athletic training); Nathaniel W. Odum, sociology; Chase Landry Phillips, pre-engineering; Bobby J. Sanford, history (teacher certificate); Andrea Lee Sifers, early childhood education; Dylan R. Yeager, criminal justice (law enforcement).

HUGO -- Lindsy N. Polk, pre-dentistry; Brandan M. Rosa, math (teacher certificate).

KEMP -- Jacob Bradley Grace, physical education (teacher certificate).

KINGSTON -- Alisha J. Armstrong, nursing; Amanda Lee Hoffpauir, nursing.

KIOWA -- Ryan Andrew Shores, nursing.

KONAWA -- Tyler C. Gower, history (teacher certificate); Angela Dawn Guinn, biology; Brandi J. Johnson, criminal justice (adult corrections); Allison M. Jones, biology; Douglas D. Kelley, criminal justice (law enforcement); Kaci M. Kretchmar, nursing.

LAMONT -- Andrew M. McCann, business administration (management information systems).

LAWTON -- Casi JoLynn Rawls, undecided undergraduate.

LEHIGH -- Christina Dawn Isom, legal studies.

LEXINGTON -- Arielle D. Burkett, pre-medicine; Melissa M. Hill, early childhood education; Jamie Dawn Thompson, pre-physical therapy.

LINDSAY -- Austin C. Whitefield, kinesiology (exercise science); Cody Lee Williams, physical education (teacher certificate).

LONE GROVE -- Trista D. Gannon, psychology; Robin M. Jones, human services counseling; Hannah R. McCracken, pre-physical therapy; Ben Claude Parnacher, human services counseling; Dawna Sue Williams, social work.

MACOMB -- Dinah Kaye Boydstun, art (teacher certificate); Rachel Lynn Boydstun, computer science.

MADILL -- Kevin D. Peoples, math (teacher certificate); Rachel DeAnn Wilkins, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Lisa L. Williford, human services counseling.

MANNFORD -- Lisa M. McMenamy, physical education (teacher certificate).

MARIETTA -- April Nicole Dooley, nursing; Rebekah D. Winslow, accounting.

MARLOW -- Theresa M. Bullard, history; Joseph D. Jacobi, physics; Austin K. Wood, math (teacher certificate).

MAUD -- Justin Michael Goss, physical education (teacher certificate); Darletta Ann Hinds, human services counseling (rehab); Jessica B. Waltman, mass communication (electronic/print media).

MAYSVILLE -- Jenni Lin Carter, elementary education.

McALESTER -- Cindy Ann Barlow, health information management; Tamara Machelle Chlebik, elementary education; Matthew L. Daniels, history; Tresa Loraine Denney, special education; Julie B. Eldridge, elementary education; Roman J. Elizarde, criminal justice (law enforcement); Jami L. Hilburn, elementary education; Teresa Lynn James, human services counseling; Jeremy Scott Johnson, human services counseling; Tarrant Lee King, human services counseling; Amy Jo Kitchell, elementary education; Rebekah Lynn Lujan, computer science; Daniel L. McAfee, mass communication (electronic/print media); Kevin L. Meridth, family & consumer sciences education; Jessica Lynn Moore, human services counseling; Valerie Ann Rogers, human services counseling; Natalie B. Shackelford, business administration (management); Amy D. Shouse, criminal justice (law enforcement); Talisha Anne Strange, business administration (finance); Tracie LaDawn Teague, elementary education.

McLOUD -- Jacob Charles Lempges, cartography (geotechniques).

MEAD -- Kelly Jean Davison, nursing.

MEEKER -- William Anthony Buoy, business administration (entrepreneurship).

MILBURN -- Susan D. Priddy, nursing (RN to BSN completion).

MOORE -- Michael John Hill, kinesiology (exercise science).

MOUNDS -- Megan A. Hensley, history.

MOYERS -- Marli M. Turney, early childhood education.

NEWALLA -- Nicholas R. Geisler, music (vocal).

NEWCASTLE -- Melissa A. Sykes, sociology.

NICOMA PARK -- Danielle Elizabeth Cox, business administration (management).

NOBLE -- Matthew M. Donica, computer science; Dawn K. Thatcher, criminal justice (adult corrections).

NORMAN -- Kathrina Anne Cushway, human services counseling; Riley Marie Robertson, elementary education.

OKEMAH -- Brett Alan Green, physical education (teacher certificate); Kyla Leanne Standley, elementary education; Kena DeNae Witham, elementary education.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Adam Michael Harris, kinesiology (exercise science); Nicole Feliz Sanchez, kinesiology (athletic training); Andrea R. Schratwieser, history; Amy Marie Southerland, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Bryson C. Vann, English; Amanda B. Wise, business administration; Kevin E. Wiser, computer science.

OKMULGEE -- Ashley C. Green, early childhood education.

OVERBROOK -- Rae Ann Henderson, physical education (teacher certificate).

PADEN -- Holly Kristine Fipps, English; Crystal B. Martin, pre-medicine; Alanna D. Vander Sys, nursing. PANAMA -- Kyle D. Walls, kinesiology (athletic training).

PAOLI -- Ariana Valencia, psychology; Lexia Lillian Wigley, kinesiology (exercise science).

PAULS VALLEY -- Rita E. Baker, elementary education; Ashley S. Caudill, nursing; Josh Kody Delaplain, kinesiology (exercise science); William J. Jones, physical education (teacher certificate); Sarah H. Morse, criminal justice (law enforcement); Tristan D. Patterson, psychology; Bridgette N. Salazar, human services counseling (rehab); Christie A. Schramm, psychology; Amanda M. Smith, nursing; Kristi L. Sumner, nursing; Ashleigh E. Tooman, kinesiology (exercise science); Ann K. Watson, biology; Kimberly A. Yates, elementary education.

POCOLA -- Kelly A. Littleton, business administration.

PONCA CITY -- Wes D. Badley, biology (clinical lab scientist).

POTEAU -- Rimpal Bhakta, political science; Jennifer Marlene Roberts, human services counseling.

PRAGUE -- Kevin W. Anderson, human services counseling (rehab); Tammy Currey, accounting; Natalie E. May, communication studies (speech teacher certificate); Kyla N. Painter, pre-physician's associate; Sarah Manette Richardson, English; Jeni Nell Wright, sociology.

PURCELL -- Aury Lang Barrett, kinesiology (exercise science); Amy L. Larman, elementary education; Taylor R. Smedley, special education.

RATLIFF CITY -- Melissa Fern Brown, human services counseling.

RAVIA -- LaRue Lillian Baken, human services counseling.

RINGLING -- Melissa S. Dewbre, psychology; Hillary B. Hughes, physical education (teacher certificate); Tegan D. Longest, biology.

ROFF -- McKae M. Goetzinger, English; Brandon D. Quinton, nursing; Robert R. Rothell, cartography (geotechniques); Linsey J. Scroggins, biology.

RUSH SPRINGS -- Shayne M. Ballard, criminal justice (law enforcement).

SAND SPRINGS -- Ashlee J. Burger, kinesiology (athletic training); Matthew R. Wood, pre-medicine.

SAPULPA -- Malorie A. Bolton, business administration (entrepreneurship); Kendra M. Coltrain, biology.

SAVANNA -- Amy K. Wilson, elementary education.

SCHULTER -- Mark A. Gaches, biology.

SEMINOLE -- Jonathan L. Bennett, communication studies; Angel Dawn Davis, biology; Kyle Daniel Forgety, nursing; Lauren Daly Forgety, nursing; Heather L. Harper, elementary education; Kyler Springer Johnson, math (teacher certificate); Virginia Kay Little, human services counseling (rehab); Wesley D. May, environmental health science; Marissa Kaitlyn McSperitt, history (teacher certificate); Amy F. Nix, art (studio art); Heather E. Robertson, early childhood education; KatiAnn L. Smith, elementary education; Kara Nicole Sneed, nursing.

SHAWNEE -- Beau M. Carter, environmental health science; Kellie R. Eiland, mass communication (electronic/print media); Janis K. Frazier, human services counseling (rehab); Samantha LeeAnn Gearhardt, accounting; Jonathan W. Gibbs, sociology; Michael R. Hobbs, history (teacher certificate); Jace M. Johnson, physical education (teacher certificate); James Heath Lawson, business administration; Abigail Spencer Meisel, art (teacher certificate); Joshua B. Mullennex, art (studio art); Reginald Neal, physical education (teacher certificate); Kendall S. Nenaikita, business administration (marketing); Jeffery D. Randolph, sociology; Kathryn E. Ruef, human services counseling; Trevor M. Smith, English; Michael Dwayne Stanley, psychology; Savannah J. Starr, accounting; Ashlee Lorene Washburn, social work; Bobbie Elizabeth Wesley, elementary education; Eric T. Worley, physical education (teacher certificate).

SMITHVILLE -- Charles J. Mangold, history.

SPERRY -- Allison D. Coyle, pre-pharmacy.

SPIRO -- Lee Edward Blankenship, history; Christina Renee Kushnick, music-vocal (teacher certificate).

STONEWALL -- Jessica Lynn Davis, nursing; Thuc-Uyen T. Do-Hilgren, biology; Lacie DeLaine Lawson, physical education (teacher certificate); Robert J. Pharr, business administration (finance).

STRATFORD -- Jennifer G. Allen, special education; Jason Lee Barnett, physics; Kristin Lee Brimm, physical education (teacher certificate); Christa LeeAnn Chandler, music-vocal (teacher certificate); SharLee D. Drannon, English (teacher certificate); Stacy M. Gallup, kinesiology (exercise science); Travis C. Henry, legal studies; Stephen W. Holland, criminal justice; Ann M. McCullar, accounting; Courtnie N. Qualls, family & consumer sciences; John Robert Qualls, kinesiology (exercise science); Amanda R. Savage, business administration; Gary L. Spikes, social work.

SULPHUR -- Gina D. Barnhart, human services counseling (deaf); Landon T. Davila, business administration (entrepreneurship); Brandon L. Flowers, physical education (teacher certificate); Justin Richard Gates, biology (molecular biology); Burke W. Healey, undecided undergraduate; Karen Marie Judd, early childhood education; Jordan Blair Kiddie, biology; Shawn R. Langford, physical education (teacher certificate); Susan R. Leonard, accounting; Tammy L. Lester, kinesiology (recreation); LaTawyna Marie Matthews, human services counseling; Shanon L. Norton, English; BradLee D. Phelps, criminal justice (law enforcement); Samantha L. Wright, elementary education.

TECUMSEH -- Chrystal R. Brown, human services counseling (deaf); Justin S. Cody, music (instrumental); Tascher Mae Copeland, accounting; Timothy Allen Long, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Amanda Renee Speers, early childhood education.

TISHOMINGO -- LaDonna I. Culp, nursing; Christina D. Drinkard, kinesiology (exercise science); Thomas D. Hankins, criminal justice (law enforcement); Georgia R. Kemp, psychology; Mandy Ranea Smith, early childhood education.

TULSA -- Joseph R. Gibbons, kinesiology (exercise science); Macarthur Ikaika Grace, biology (clinical lab scientist); Heather Nicole Martin, biology.

TUPELO -- Joshua Jackson, criminal justice (adult corrections).

TUTTLE -- Bailey L. Williams, biology.

WANETTE -- Bobbie S. Alexander, early childhood education; Mikka R. Batterton, math (teacher certificate); Norma J. Beard, human services counseling (rehab); Christi J. Carruth, English (teacher certificate); Daniel T. Chambers, undecided undergraduate; Jacob Alan Hensley, pre-engineering; William Scott Rush, physical education (teacher certificate); Judy Annette Smith, nursing; Brittanie D. Weatherford, criminal justice (law enforcement).

WAPANUCKA -- Hannah S. Parker, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

WASHINGTON -- Bryce Payton Nelson, communication studies.

WAYNE -- Ashley Renee Deskin, English (teacher certificate); Taron C. Webster, nursing.

WELEETKA -- Rodney Keith Bencoma, physical education (teacher certificate); William Michael Bencoma, physical education (teacher certificate).

WETUMKA -- Virginia Nicole Dilday, nursing; Ryan Douglas Logan, political science; Justin Issac Rammage, nursing.

WEWOKA -- Lacey D. Christopher, social work; Abraham A. Farani, accounting; Erin A. Haney, business administration; Colton H. Johnson, undecided undergraduate; Kayla A. Pattison, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

WILBURTON -- Tamra Lynn Bell, social work; Kyle Wade Littlejohn, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Courtney Marie Trent, social work; Kaci D. Wallace, human services counseling.

WILSON -- Larra J. Forsythe, legal studies.

WYNNEWOOD -- Natalie Danielle Delaplain, elementary education; William A. Delaplain, physical education (teacher certificate); Lora W. Graves, psychology; Lance W. Jolly, criminal justice (law enforcement); Melissa D. Meiser, nursing; Maddison D. Moore, early childhood education; Ginger Gayle Sanders, legal studies; Tara Beth Stevenson, human services counseling (rehab); Cynthia LeAnn Tackett, business administration (management); Meghan Ruth Wright, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

YUKON -- Paul R. Eaton, environmental health science; Ajeena T. Joy, biology (molecular biology); Jamie J. Mata, criminal justice (law enforcement).

SNELLVILLE, GA. -- Stephanie M. Miller, nursing.

PILOT GROVE, MO. -- Carrie Lynn Maxwell, kinesiology (exercise science).

ROSWELL, N.M. -- Josh J. Nine, physical education (teacher certificate).

ALLEN, TEXAS -- Kaitlyn Nichole Kelly, nursing.

BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- Jacqueline K. Sparks, kinesiology (exercise science).

BURLESON, TEXAS -- Will L. Grimes, kinesiology (exercise science).

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- Juliana Marie Cantu, physical education (teacher certificate).

CLEBURNE, TEXAS -- Kathleen E. Benson, English.

CROWLEY, TEXAS -- Sarah R. DuVall, family & consumer sciences education; Brad Ryan Nixon, history (teacher certificate).

DENISON, TEXAS -- Taylor K. Young, pre-pharmacy.

EAGLE LAKE, TEXAS -- Charles W. Huffman, kinesiology (recreation).

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Carina Clemente, nursing; Joseph C. Helton, psychology; Mariam Tabaei, health information management.

FRISCO, TEXAS -- Christina M. Moore, business administration (marketing).

GARLAND, TEXAS -- Lauren E. Hopkins, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

GLEN ROSE, TEXAS -- Samantha Marie Watson, kinesiology (exercise science); Stefanie M. Watson, physical education (teacher certificate).

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS -- Charles Anthony Burks, kinesiology (exercise science); Zachary W. Hammons, biology(teacher certificate).

GREENVILLE, TEXAS -- Timothy M. Vinsant, business administration (finance).

HALTOM CITY, TEXAS -- Dallas R. Nickell, elementary education.

KILGORE, TEXAS -- Cody D. Shead, criminal justice (juvenile justice).

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- Jon Tait Langston, business administration (marketing).

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS -- Mitchell E. Sholty, business administration (marketing).

ODESSA, TEXAS -- Christopher Joel Velasquez, mass communication (electronic/print media).

PLANO, TEXAS -- Sydney Marie Kromer, pre-pharmacy.

RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- Natalie R. Wilson, elementary education.

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Holly P. Hicks, business administration (management).

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS -- Whitney L. McDaniel, math (teacher certificate).

WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS -- Sarah K. Henry, pre-medicine.

MOSES LAKE, WASH. -- Shayla A. May, pre-dentistry.

CORRIENTES, ARGENTINA -- Julia M. Arguello, mass communication (electronic/print media).

HUY, BELGIUM -- Margot Katty Pirard, pre-pharmacy.

LONDERZEEL, BELGIUM -- Joke Maria Van Osselaer, undecided undergraduate.

SANTIAGO, CHILE -- Andres Nunez, business administration.

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- Carlos Elim Gomez, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Indhira Altagracia Ramirez, business administration (management information systems).

CLARENDON, JAMAICA -- Jomain G. McKenzie, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

KAPTAGAT, KENYA -- Michael K. Saina, chemistry.

GYANESHWO, KATHMANDU, NEPAL -- Rebecca Chalise, nursing.

KATHMANDU, NEPAL -- Prachanda Subedi, physics.

POKHARA, NEPAL -- Pushpendra Pahari, nursing.

BARCELONA, SPAIN -- Carlos Muro Loscertales, business administration (management).

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