September is Yoga Month, and East Central University participates by starting its fall beginning and gentle yoga classes this week. Sessions for beginners start on Wednesday [SEPT. 7] from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. on the ECU campus.  The hour-long gentle class starts at 7 p.m.

Instructor Rebecca Gatz teaches the beginner’s class, but says that most people are beginners for years.

“Since my classes are considered to be for beginners, I make the assumption that the participants don’t know what they are getting into or have only watched a video. I start with more instruction than what some people might like. We are slow moving and I like to tell people not only how to do the poses, but why you do a certain pose,” Gatz explained.

“We do stretching for flexibility. I like to do twists because many people have shoulder and back pain. We do standing poses that help people with balance and focus. Class always ends with relaxation poses, which a lot of the students call nap time. You’re not supposed to fall asleep, but some people do. We also do breath work during class.”

Gatz also teaches the gentle yoga class. Gentle yoga is geared toward people who are not as flexible or may have some sort of back or knee pain.

The benefits of yoga are far-reaching and provide more than just physical well being.  With yoga, individuals are able to strengthen their muscles, better cope with stress and gain both flexibility and concentration.

“You can learn to focus,” Gatz said “whether it’s standing on one leg or writing a paper. You can take all these little things that you do in yoga class that might look kind of silly and apply them to life experiences.”

For more information about dates, times and cost, contact ECU’s Center of Continuing Education & Community Services at 580-559-5456.

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