Peer Tutor Program

The Peer Tutor Program is a free service offered to students who qualify to be a participant in the Native American’s serving Non-Tribal institutions grant. The mission of the program is to help our students to achieve college success by reinforcing and supplementing classroom instruction, by providing efficient and effective learning, and ultimately, by supporting students to become independent learners.

Becoming a Tutor 
  • Tutors have either been recommended by an instructor or come for an interview with the tutor coordinator after meeting the following criteria:
    • 2.4 overall GPA
    • 3.0 GPA in the course he/she will be tutoring
    • Enrolled in minimum six credited hours at East Central University
    • Must attend an in-service workshop with tutor coordinator
To Request a Tutor 
  • Complete a Tutor Request Form located in the Student Academic Success Center in Horace Mann 323 or use form on found on our website,
  • Tutor will contact tutee within 24 hours to set up a tutor session
  • Tutor session will be held on campus
Click here to complete a Tutor Request Form and the Tutor Coordinator will confirm to you via e-mail that it was received.

Click here to complete a Feedback Form for Tutor Program.