Chickasaw Recreation Area


Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Service Saturdays October 7, 2009

Park Ranger explaining to the students how to gather seeds.

ECU students and park rangers hand harvest grass seeds to be sown 
for new grass lands.

ECU students gathering seeds

Robyn Carpitcher, Natasha Watashe, Kyle Gardner and 
Beau Carter gather seeds.

ECU Greeks helping with Service Saturdays!

Travis Haynes of Pi Kappa Alpha, Megan Hensley of Chi Omega and Patrick Tadlock 
of Sigma Tau Gamma are regular Service Saturdays participants.

Staff member Kyle Gardener concentrating very hard on his job.

Staff member Kyle Gardener, looks for some unique seeds.

The Park Ranger helping our students to gather seeds!

The park ranger gathers seed with a Pi Kappa Alpha member.

Patrick Tadlock an ECU student is very excited to be helping out!

Patrick Tadlock gives the thumbs up!

Group shot of the Service Satuday Participants!

Some of the participants stop for a group picture.

 The Travertine Nature Center and Ranger Lauren Gurniewicz partner with ECU.