early chemistry lab with studentCentennial Events

Dates are subject to change without notice

December 2008

4: Annual Lighting of the Tree, 3:30pm, UC
13: Graduation
31: Kick-off with First Night Ada

January 2009

early Dorothy Summers Auditorium7-8: First Day of Classes
8: T-Shirt Sale
9: T-Shirt Sale
23-24: ECU Honors Band Performances

February 2009

5: ECU Faculty and Friends Composer Concert
14: Alumni Orange & Black Sweetheart Social
17-18: ECU District Vocal Contest
19: Cinderella, 8:00pm, Dorothy Summers Theatre
20: Tiger Cause-Dancing Through the Decades
20: Cinderella, 8:00pm, Dorothy Summers Theatre
21: Cinderella, 2:00pm, Dorothy Summers Theatre
22: Cinderella, 2:00pm, Dorothy Summers Theatre
26: Mark Hollingsworth Clarinet Recital, 7:30pm, Dorothy Summers Theatre
27: Performance: Dr. Scott Carrell, Harding University, 7:30pm

March 2009

7: Alumni Reunion in Dallas
early basketball playerWeek of the 23rd: Celebrating Our Beginning
25: Reenactment of the Charter
26: ECU Birthday Party and Opening of the time capsule
26: Instrumental Ensembles, 7:30pm, Dorothy Summers Theatre
28: "A 1909 Evening", 6:00pm, Stanley Wagner Ballroom

April 2009

Centennial Class of 2009 Celebration
2-4: Annual Scissortail Creative Writing Festival
11: Alumni Reunion in Tulsa
13-17: Orange Crush
17: Honors & Recognition Banquet
20: ECU Chorus and Chorale Concert
23: Student Development Awards
30: Athletic Awards Banquet, Chickasaw Community Center

May 2009graduating class from the 20s or 30s

1: Last Day of Classes
1: Greatest Day Ever / Mudstock
8: Senior Reception with Recognition of Legacy Families
9: Graduation
30: Alumni Reunion in McAlester

June 2009

13: Alumni Reunion in Ardmore
27: Alumni Reunion in Oklahoma City

July 2009Old picture of students bowling inside of Knight Hall

August 2009

12: Convocation
13: Faculty & Staff Campus Picnic
14: New Student Orientation
17-28: "More than a Welcome" for students
27: First away game

September 2009

TBA: First day of classes of 2009 Celebrations
TBA: Family Day
19: Centennial Football Game
Week of the 21st: Kick-off of the Centennial Capital Campaign
26: Centennial Gala
28: Centennial Clarinet Recital, 7:30pm, Ataloa Theatre

October 2009ECU football team in 1911

TBA: Fall Break
TBA: Place items in a new time capsule
TBA: Midnight Madness/Engaging Students
22-25: Play
26-30: Centennial Homecoming Week - Celebrating 100 Years "Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger"
27-29: Little Dixie Contest
29: Instrumental Ensembles, 7:30pm, Ataloa Theatre
31: Centennial Homecoming Game

November 2009

19-22: Play
21-22: Continental Harmony Project
26: Thanksgiving
30: ECU Chorus Concert

December 2009early Science Hall, 1910s

4: Annual Lighting of the Tree
4: Cabaret with Musical Theatre
11: Senior Graduation Reception and Legacy Families
11-12: Ballet Oklahoma, Ataloa Theatre
31: First Night Ada - Closing the Centennial Celebrations