Academic Alert Program

The Academic Alert Program is designed to identify students who are having academic difficulty at any point during their education at ECU. By identifying these students, a Retention Specialist can attempt to address their needs, thereby increasing the likelihood of their success. The primary goal of this program is to assist faculty and staff in improving the motivation and performance of underachieving students in an effort to better ECU’s capacity to retain these students. 
How does this work? 
  • Academic Alert is a system for identifying students who are having difficulties in a given course. Faculty awareness of potential student problems constitutes the backbone of the Academic Alert Program. Students may be identified for Academic Alert for a variety of reasons, including frequent absences, accommodations, behavioral issues, excessive tardiness, test scores, language skills, and writing ability. Faculty members and instructors who have identified such issues will submit an Academic Alert Form to the Retention Specialist.
  • Once the notice is received, the Retention Specialist will contact students via e-mail and/or phone, and apprise them of the faculty member’s concerns, so they can take steps to improve their performance in the class. The names of students identified in the process are also sent to academic advisors. Advisors contacted before midterm can assist students in making more informed judgments about academic plans. 
  • A retention specialist will meet with the student. Together they will discuss the student’s academic concerns, and the retention specialist will suggest resources for the student to access as well as set up an academic action plan. A follow-up e-mail or phone call is completed within 10 days. 
Who participates in Academic Alert? 
Faculty members, instructors, advisors, and staff work together to provide an effective system of Academic intervention to improve student success. All instructors are given the opportunity to participate in the Academic Alert Program. 
  • This program is being developed as a retention tool to improve students’ academic persistence and to provide students with resources to support their efforts. It is designed for faculty to identify, report, and provide feedback for students who are at risk in a course. Faculty members will be able to electronically detail concerns regarding student performance and behavior or simply provide a list of students. 
  • These referrals will be reported electronically to the Office of Student Retention. Within 24 - 48 hours of a referral, the Office of Student Retention will make contact with the student, and offer a meeting with the student to discuss concerns and to connect the student to campus resources appropriate to the student's needs. The retention specialists will conduct ongoing assessment to evaluate the level of student response and outcomes of the effort.
If you need academic or personal assistance, please contact one of the following:

Office of Student Retention
East Central University
Jami Graham, Retention Coordinator
(580) 559-5874

Student Academic Success Center
East Central University
(580) 559-5654
HOMN 323