Learn how you can effectively contact our Oklahoma State Representatives!

Dear Family Advocate:

    I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to write your state representative.  They need our knowledge and experience on child care issues to help them make important decisions concerning the needs of families in Oklahoma.

Click Here to visit the Oklahoma Legislature Home Page for more information.


Pamla Armstrong
Child Care Resource & Referral Agency


Tips for meeting with Elected Officials

  • Make an appointment.
  • Write or call the elected official's office to request a meeting.
  • Be sure to mention you are a constituent.
  • Research your elected officials.
  • Most elected officials have a biography posted on their website. Find out whether or not the elected official supports child-related issues.
  • Prepare for the meeting.
  • Most officials schedule meetings in 15-20 minute intervals. To make the most of your time, prepare notes in advance, outline two or three critical issues you want to discuss, then anticipate the questions the official may have for you.
  • Be on time.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • In addition to giving your name, you may want to say where you are from, where you work, and what group you are representing.
  • Briefly explain the issue of concern to you and the action that you are requesting of him or her.
  • Provide a written statement of your position.
  • Prepare materials to leave behind.
  • Thank the policymaker for his or her time.