What Is FLY @ ECU? 

FLY @ ECU is a program designed to help students understand financial matters! Explore this website to enhance your financial intuition, or click any of the buttons below to go a little deeper and schedule a workshop for your group or class, or an individual coaching session. 


Test your knowledge of money matters...and win $ !!!

Each month you can play the Kahoot! challenge as many times as you want for a chance to win real money! The top 3 winners will win a gift card!  First place - $30, second place - $20, and third place - $15. Who doesn't like a challenge and free money!

 Each Kahoot has been sponsored by different bank or credit union, The October-November Kahoot! is sponsored by Simmons Bank! Stop by their location on Arlington street and give them a big thank you for supporting Financial Literacy at East Central University!

This Kahoot! challenge has launched and will end at midnight on Tuesday, November 8th. Winners will be notified and then a new game will begin.  Good luck and remember to explore the FLY@ECU website - the more you know, the better prepared you will be to make sound financial decisions!



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Mission Statement

Financial Literacy for You at East Central University (FLY@ECU), a program designed to emphasize the importance of developing life-long money management skills, was made possible by a grant from NASNTI, the Native American – Serving Nontribal Institutions program at East Central University.

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Nichole Beyer
FLY @ ECU Administrator
Administration Building, Room 150

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