What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is understanding how money works: how you make, manage, and invest your money wisely. Knowing the basics of managing your money will help you become self-sufficient and achieve financial stability.


Mission Statement:

The goal of FLY@ECU is to provide East Central University students with the information and tools to become financially savvy and successful.





An investment in knowledge pays
the best interest."

                         Benjamin Franklin


“Unless you control your money,
making more won't help.  You'll
just have bigger payments.”

                                Dave Ramsey


“Money is only a tool.  It will take
you wherever you wish, but it
will not replace you as the driver."

                                      Ayn Rand 


“Formal education will make you
a living; self-education will make
you a fortune.”
                                       Jim Rohn   


"When money realizes it is in good
hands, it wants to stay and multiply
in those hands.”

                        Idowu Koyenkikan

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