Amy Lyons-Ketchum is a Linguist specializing in Language Revitalization. She earned her BA in Linguistics and MA in Applied Linguistic Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma where she studied and worked under Dr. Mary Linn, Curator of Cultural and Linguistic Revitalization at the Smithsonian Institute. Amy worked as a Research Assistant in the Native American Languages Department at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and completed her MA Thesis over her work on the Kiowa Student Dictionary. She has volunteered for the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair since 2012 and participated in the Breath of Life program in 2012 and 2014. She taught ESL at OU from 2012-2017 before transitioning to an Academic Advisor position. Amy is currently studying her heritage language, Gaeilge (Irish) and has previously studied French, Spanish, and Japanese. In her free time she enjoys training her 3 adorable Papillons, knitting, and running with her sons Aiden and Aren.