Charlie Jones
Chickasaw Business & Conference Center

Dr. Charlie C. Jones holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree, a Master of Business Administration degree, and a Juris Doctor degree all from the University of Oklahoma. Before entering academia, Dr. Jones had more than nine year’s experience managing a small business. He also has served on the board of directors of a small business for the past thirteen years. Dr. Jones’ specialty areas of research are the ADA, employment law, and human resources management. Numerous companies have hired him as a consultant in these areas. Dr. Jones is the Chair of the Department of Business Administration and has been teaching at ECU since 1986. In addition to his responsibilities at ECU, he is actively involved in the community. Dr. Jones has volunteered his services for several local community organizations. Over the years, he has been recognized for both his service to the university and the community. Dr. Jones has received the S.C. Boswell Award as outstanding Stonecipher School of Business faculty member twice, the ECU Teaching Excellence Award twice, and the Oscar Parker Ethics Center Professorship twice. He also has received the Oklahoma Outstanding Disabled Professional of the Year Award, the Oklahoma Outstanding Rehabilitated Citizen of the Year Award, and the Oklahoma Association on Higher Education and Disability’s A.C.C.E.S.S. Award. Dr. Jones presently serves on the Governor’s Advisory Committee to the Office of Disability Concerns and he serves on the State Consumer Advisory Council to Oklahoma ABLE Tech.

Department - Position

  • Business Administration - Professor