Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Departmentsort descending Position Phone Email Building Office
Prather, Jason Kinesiology Assistant Professor and Chair, Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) Director 580-559-5357 jprather@ecok.edu Kinesiology 111
Roark, Chad Kinesiology Assistant Football Coach, Athletics Instructor, 580-559-5361 croark@ecok.edu Kerr Center 209
Reeves, Marianne Kinesiology Secretary-Athletics, 580-559-5261 marree@ecok.edu Kerr Center 300
Cypert, Clay Kinesiology Adjunct, clarcyp@email.ecok.edu Education
McCarty, Jillian Bailey Kinesiology Instructor, 580-559-5836 jmccarty@ecok.edu Kinesiology 116
Jackson, Rashad Kinesiology Assistant Football Coach and Instructor, 580-559-5360 rjackson@ecok.edu Kerr Center 205
Klaus, Brittany Kinesiology Instructor, Assistant Athletic Trainer 580-559-5468 briakla@ecok.edu Kerr Center 121C
Gonzalez, Brian Kinesiology Adjunct, briagon@email.ecok.edu Education
McGaha, Jeff Kinesiology Instructor, 580-559-5585 jmcgaha@ecok.edu Kinesiology 117
Lasell, Dustin Kinesiology Adjunct, dusslas@email.ecok.edu Education
McGrew, Tyler Kinesiology Adjunct, tylpmcg@email.ecok.edu Education
Key, Danny Kinesiology Adjunct, 580-559-5617 dkey@ecok.edu Kerr Center 207B
Mistler, Bryant Kinesiology Graduate Assistant, Education
Lohaus, Kristen Kinesiology GA-AT, 580-559-5532 krimloh@ecok.edu Kerr Center 122
McGaha, Matt Kinesiology Instructor, Instructor, 580-559-5969 MMcGaha@ecok.edu Kinesiology 115
Galloway, Delaney Kinesiology GA-AT, 580-559-5532 Kerr Center 122
Martinez, Meghann Kinesiology Student Secretary - Athletic, 580-559-5314 megamar@ecok.edu Kerr Center 300
Franz, Kent Kinesiology Instructor, Head Women's Basketball Coach 580-559-5568 kfranz@ecok.edu Kerr Center 309
Crown, Chelsea - BS Kinesiology GA-AT, 580-559-5532 chercro@ecok.edu Kerr Center 122
Dougherty, Joe Accounting Accounting, Instructor 580-559-5268 Chickasaw Business and Conference Center 335
Stone, Randall Accounting Accounting Instructor Chickasaw Business and Conference Center
Jones, Charlie C. Accounting Professor and Chair, Professor and Acting Chair, Frank Crabtree, Sr. Family Endowed Professor of Business Policy 580-559-5269 cjones@ecok.edu Chickasaw Business and Conference Center 348
Stone, Randall Accounting Instructor rstone@ecok.edu
Hightower, Sonja Accounting Instructor, 580-559-5300 sonhig@ecok.edu Chickasaw Business and Conference Center 336
Hobbs, Edward Accounting Director of VITA Center and Adjunct, Chickasaw Business and Conference Center 343
Lee, Julie Accounting Assistant Controller, Adjunct, 580-559-5616 juldlee@ecok.edu Administration 107
Elliott, Jaime Accounting Instructor, 580-559-5986 jelliott@ecok.edu Chickasaw Business and Conference Center 337
Weems, Bruce College of Health and Sciences Dean, Professor, Director of Title III (Strengthening the Culture) 580-559-5549 BWeems@ecok.edu PES 101A
Smith, Betty College of Health and Sciences Dean's Secretary, 580-559-5410 bsmith@ecok.edu PES 101
Waller, Beatrice Student Counseling Center Director, 580-559-5714 bwaller@ecok.edu Student Union 137
Smith, Crystal M. Student Counseling Center Clinical Counselor, 580-559-5714 cmsmith@ecok.edu Student Union 137
Wilfong, Paula ecu-credit-union Branch Manager, Communication Federal Credit Union - 580-559-5509 pwilfong@comfedcu.org 831 E. Main
Simmons, Cade ecu-credit-union Assistant Branch Manager, Communication Federal Credit Union - 580-559-5721 csimmons@comfedcu.org 831 E. Main
Stephens, Misty ecu-credit-union Senior MSR, Communication Federal Credit Union - 580-559-5522 mstephens@comfedcu.org 831 E. Main
Nichols, Betty Child Development Center Cook, 580-559-5633 Faust Hall 131
Cochran, Karen Child Development Center Lead Teacher, 580-559-5629 Fentem Hall 131
Caton, Catie - MEd University Advancement and Alumni Relations Special Events Coordinator, 580-559-5611 catncat@ecok.edu Sterling L. Williams Alumni & Foundation Center 104
Simpson, Ashley University Advancement and Alumni Relations Secretary, 580-559-5253 asimpson@ecok.edu Sterling L. Williams Alumni & Foundation Center 102
Bay, Michael D. Biology Professor, 580-559-5497 mbay@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science 102
Fields, Stephen Biology Associate Professor, 580-559-5792 sfields@ecok.edu PES 168
Cluck, Terry Biology Professor, 580-559-5657 tcluck@ecok.edu PES 148
Morgan, Vaden Biology Adjunct, 580-559-5694 vadwmor@ecok.edu PES 104
Thompson, Rahmona Biology Professor, 580-559-5495 rthompsn@ecok.edu PES 164
Robertson, Scott Biology Adjunct, 580-559-5501 scorob@ecok.edu P&ES
Dixon, Sandra Biology Adjunct, 580-559-5336 sdixon@ecok.edu Horace Mann 101
Andrews, Kenneth Biology Professor, 580-559-5496 kandrews@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science 170
Cheper, Nicholas J. Biology Professor and Chair, 580-559-5501 ncheper@ecok.edu PES 158
Biles, Charles Biology Professor, 580-559-5498 cbiles@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science 152
Choate, Larry L. Biology Professor, 580-559-5499 lchoate@ecok.edu Science Hall 129
Prince, Traci Human Resources Adjunct, 580-559-5589 tracpri@ecok.edu