Communication Tips

Keep the lines of communication open by following these tips:

  • Be a good listener.
  • Be understanding. Students feel stress about being away from home, meeting new people, choices of courses and academic pressures of exams or papers. It is common for many students to wonder if they are good enough to be in college. This is stressful. Your understanding and support can make a difference when your student feels overwhelmed.
  • Be trusting. Respect and trust your student's ability to make decisions-their esteem and self-confidence.
  • Be a home base. Your student wants a point of reference. They need to look to you for comfort, support, and to be able to share with you their accomplishments.
  • Show interest in classes, new friends or activities
  • Avoid pressure for information when your student is reluctant to talk
  • Keep an open mind to their new ideas, experiences, and opinions
  • Be supportive by being available to talk, listen and give encouragement