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Enrollment Management Assistant
Photo of Melody Pederson                                          
Name: Melody Pederson
Phone Number: 580.559.5628
Hometown/High School: Del City, OK Roff High School
Favorite Food: Mexican
What Brought You To ECU: It was close to home and didn't break the bank.
Favorite ECU Memory: I remember as a student being able to "mark" that class off my list of classes to take. It really helped me to see how far I had gone and how far I had left to go.
Things You Do For Fun Now: I'm a huge dog lover. In recent years I raised long haired Chihuahuas. I'm now involved with The Mia Foundation based out of Rochester, NY. They concentrate in animals born with birth defects. I fostered one for them a few months ago. My favorite past time of all, is spending time with my grandson Zaide, and my daughter Tiffany.