Meet Your Rep

Photo of Jessica McKennell                                          
Name: Jessica McKennell
Phone Number: 580.559.5254
Recruiting Area: Schools in southern Oklahoma 
Hometown/High School: Ardmore OK Dickson High School
Favorite Food: Chinese
What Brought You To ECU: When I stepped foot on ECU's campus for the first time I immediately knew it was the right place for me. I had been looking for a school that had a beautiful campus, friendly people, and exciting atmosphere, and last but not least, a place that I could afford. ECU fit my checklist and so much more. As I began my freshman year the campus was buzzing with opportunities, and there was always something fun to do until the day I graduated. 
Favorite ECU Memory: My favorite ECU memory would be Mudstock. Mudstock is a mud volleyball tournament that all of the clubs and organizations come out to play every spring. It begins in the afternoon and goes until late in the evening. Everyone has a blast playing, and basically ends up throwing mud on each other by the end. The best pictures of my college experience are from Mudstock. 
Extracurricular Activities Involved In: When I was a student at ECU I was highly involved on campus. I was a chair in the Campus Activities Board, sang in the Gospel Choir, and was a member of the Baptist Student Union. 
Things You Do For Fun Now: All of the things I do for fun can be placed in three categories: food, the outdoors, and art. On any given weekend I can be found cooking for ten people. sitting at a coffee shop, or eating at one of Ada's many restaurants. My love for the outdoors is satisfied when I walk in Wintersmith Park or go hiking in Robber's Cave in Wilburton, OK. Every spring ECU has an Art Walk that displays local arts and crafts. It is an event I look forward to every year. I can also be found fulfilling my love for art by wandering around the Art Gallery or throwing clay in our pottery studio.  
Photo of Carissa Rodgers                                          
Name: Carissa Rodgers
Phone Number: 580.559.5385
Recruiting Area: Schools in northern Oklahoma 
Hometown/High School: My family traveled overseas when I was younger, but we moved to Stonewall when I was eight. I did correspondence schooling from home through A Beka Academy in Pensacola. 
Favorite Food: My “last meal ever” would be curried chicken from India or Nepal, but my every day comfort food is chips queso and/or ice cream.  Good ice cream.
What Brought You To ECU: East Central was close to my family.  It was definitely a new experience, but still had enough familiarity to keep me grounded.  The scholarships that ECU offered were also fantastic.
Favorite ECU Memory: My favorite memory during my schooling at ECU was touring with our incredible Chorale vocal ensemble.  Along with ECU’s wind ensemble we visited several high schools to recruit potential music students.  It was an incredibly fun opportunity to meet new people and get to use my education alongside my friends in the music department.
Extracurricular Activities Involved In: One of my favorite organizations on campus was the International Student Connection Club.  Their events were always SO much fun.  They made fantastic food and the entertainment was always such a cool little look into other cultures.  I also spent quite a bit of time at the Baptist Student Union.  I had conversations there that stretched me and met some really special people.  
Things You Do For Fun Now: I love working out.  Running and lifting weights.  Cooking is also a favorite hobby.  My second hobby makes my first hobby more of a necessity
Enrollment Management Assistant
Photo of Melody Pederson                                          
Name: Melody Pederson
Phone Number: 580.559.5628
Hometown/High School: Del City, OK Roff High School
Favorite Food: Mexican
What Brought You To ECU: It was close to home and didn't break the bank.
Favorite ECU Memory: I remember as a student being able to "mark" that class off my list of classes to take. It really helped me to see how far I had gone and how far I had left to go.
Things You Do For Fun Now: I'm a huge dog lover. In recent years I raised long haired Chihuahuas. I'm now involved with The Mia Foundation based out of Rochester, NY. They concentrate in animals born with birth defects. I fostered one for them a few months ago. My favorite past time of all, is spending time with my grandson Zaide, and my daughter Tiffany.