If you are a first-time full-time college student and are ready to begin your college journey, you may be eligible for an ECU Scholarship!

$1,500 - $18,000 per student (pending qualifications)

Step 1:    Apply to ECU

Step 2:    Apply for our GAP Year Scholarships

GAP Year Scholarship Options:

$18,000 Governor’s Scholarship (28+ on national ACT and high school diploma)

Tuition: $12,000  ($1,500 x 8 semesters)
Waiver: $6,000  ($750 x 8 semesters)

$12,000 Academic Distinction Scholar (640 & up)*

Tuition: $6,000  ($750 x 8 semesters)
Room: $6,000  ($750 x 8 semesters)

$7,200 Academic Achievement Scholar (605 & up)*

Tuition: $5,200  ($1,300 x 4 semesters)
Room: $2,000  ($500 x 4 semesters)

$1,500 Academic Freshman+ Scholar (567 and up)*

Tuition: $1,500  ($750 x 2 semesters)

*The above ACADEMIC DISTINCTION, ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT & ACADEMIC FRESHMAN+ SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded based upon a point total using the following formula: (High School Cumulative GPA x 100) + (ACT Composite Score x 10).

GAP Scholarship Application Deadline: August 15, 2021

Student must be admitted to the University prior to being awarded any scholarship.
Student must be an Oklahoma resident.
Student must be a  first-time full-time college student.
Full-time attendance is required for all scholarships, which is equivalent to 12 hours for undergraduates.
Student must fill out a Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) as part of the application process.

This scholarship cannot be combined (stacked) with any other ECU institutional academic awards.