East Central University is home to over 50 student organizations. Ranging from academic and pre-professional organizations to political or cultural organizations, ECU students can engage with other students on a variety of topics, interests, or beliefs.

The Office of Campus Involvement believes that students who are active on campus perform better academically, are more satisfied with their college experience and are more likely to graduate than those who do not join student organizations. Whether you are looking to join a religious organization, a major-specific club, or just a recreational club, the Office of Campus Involvement is ready and willing to help you find the best club for you!

Active Minds (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Jennifer Cox, jcox@ecok.edu, x714

African Caribbean Student Association (International/Cultural)
Advisor: Patrick Bohan, phoban@ecok.edu, x658

Alpha Chi National Honor Society (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Dr. Christine Pappas, cpappas@ecok.edu, x640

Alpha Phi Sigma (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Mellisa Inglis, minglis@ecok.edu, x382

Alpha Psi Omega (Honorary/Theater)
Advisor: Vickie Reifsnider, reifsnid@ecok.edu, x878

Anime Club (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Dr. Joshua Grasso, jgrasso@ecok.edu, x348

Art Club (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Katherine Seals, kseal@ecok.edu, x354

Asian Student Association (International/Cultural)
Advisor: Dr. Usha Fountain, ufountain@ecok.edu, x577

Association of Black Students (International/Cultural)
Advisor: James Moten, jmoten@ecok.edu, x271

Baptist Student Union (Religious/Faith)
Advisor: Jim Rauch, jrauch@ecok.edu, x273

Bass Fishing Team (Sports/Recreation)
Advisor: Dr. Dana Belcher, dbelcher@ecok.edu, x564

Business Leaders Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Kristen Byers, kbyers@ecok.edu, x531

Campus Connection (Religious/Faith)
Advisor: Dr. Charles Briles, cbiles@ecok.edu, x498

Cartography Society (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Dr. Mark Micozzi, mmicozzi@ecok.edu, x398

Chemistry Club (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Charles Crittell, critell@ecok.edu, x494

Chess Club (Sports/Recreation)
Advisor: Errol King, eking@ecok.edu, x445

Chi Alpha (Religious/Faith)
Advisor: Tony Jones, tjones@ecok.edu, x218

Club PRAD (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Susan Ingram, singram@ecok.edu, x897

Collage (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Michelle Rambo, micnram@ecok.edu, x170

College Republicans (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Preston Draper, pdraper@ecok.edu, x834

Computer Science Club (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Vladimir Ufimstev, vufimtsev@ecok.edu, x659

Delta Alpha Pi (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Tiffany Smith, tifmsmi@ecok.edu, x297

Dentistry Club (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Kenneth Andrews, kandrews@ecok.edu, x496

ECU Golf Club (Sports/Recreation)
Advisor: Matt McGaha, mmcgaha@ecok.edu, x969/x393

ECU Nursing Red Cross Club (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Debra Ollia, dollila@ecok.edu, x433

ECU Water Resources Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Christine Pappas, cpappas@ecok.edu, x640

ECU Wesley (Religious/Faith)
Advisor: Viki Saidleman, viklvog@ecok.edu, x300

F.A.T.E. (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Holli Witherington, holrwit@ecok.edu, x815

Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Charles Critter, ccritter@ecok.edu, x494

Phi Epsilon/Family & Consumer Science (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Jan Long, jmlong@ecok.edu, x631

GSA PRIDE (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Dr. Christine Pappas, cpappas@ecok.edu, x640

Hike & Hammock Club (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Lead Dudley, ldudley@ecok.edu, x495

Honors Student Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Dr. Steve Benton, sbenton@ecok.edu, x877

Human Resource Club (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Jeanene Taylor, jtaylor@ecok.edu, x435

Interdisciplinary Research Group (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Kevin Blackwood, kevwbla@email.ecok.edu 

International Students Connection Club (International/Cultural)
Advisor: Christopher York, chrfyor@ecok.edu

Kinesiology (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Jillian McCarty, jmccarty@ecok.edu, x116

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (Honorary/Criminal Justice)
Advisor: Thom Parr, thompar1@ecok.edu, x401

League of Extraordinary Gamers (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Micheal Spurlock, mrspurlock@hotmail.com

Legal Professions Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Dr. Jenna Owens, jowens@ecok.edu, x603

Mock Trial (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Dr. Preston Draper, pdraper@ecok.edu, x834

National Association for Music Education (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Kelby Pletcher, kpletchr@ecok.edu, x332

Native American Student Association (Cultural)
Advisor: Delaney Lippard, dlippard@ecok.edu

Nursing Student Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Kayce Powers, kpowers@ecok.edu, x802

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Charles Peaden, cpeaden@ecok.edu, x412

Order of Omega (Greek/Honorary)
Advisor: Tenecia Miller, tenamil@ecok.edu, x207

Parkour Club (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Jillian McCarty, jmccarty@ecok.edu, x116

Phi Alpha Honor Society (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Shelley Bailey, rrbailey@ecok.edu, x460

Photo Club (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Annie Oldenburg, aoldenburg@ecok.edu, x482

Pi Kappa Delta (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Donna Graves, dgraves@ecok.edu, x503

Pi Sigma Alpha (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Christine Pappas, cpappas@ecok.edu, x640

Psi Chi Honor Society (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Marc Klippenstine, mkippen@ecok.edu, x342

Rotaract Club (International/Cultural)
Advisor: Brenda Sherbourne, bsherbrn@ecok.edu, x368

Russian Club (International/Cultural)
Advisor: Dr. Mara Sukholutskaya, msukholu@ecok.edu, x293

Showtime (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Vickie Reifsnider, vreifsnider@ecok.edu, x878

Sigma Pi Sigma (Honorary/Physics)
Advisor: Dr. Karen Williams, kwillims@ecok.edu, x394

Sigma Tau Delta (Honorary/Academic)
Advisor: Sarah Peters, speters@ecok.edu, x886

Silent Friends Club (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Janna Byrd, jbyrd@ecok.edu, x544

Social Work Student Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advsior: Destany Morgan, dmorgan@ecok.edu 

Society of Physics Students (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Dr. Karen Williams, kwillims@ecok.edu, x394

Spanish Club (International/Cultural)
Advisor: Errol King, eking@ecok.edu, x445

Student Council for Exceptional Children (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Sharon Cunningham, scunning@ecok.edu, x543

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (Sports/Recreation)
Advisor: Regina Robertson, rrobertson@ecok.edu, x647

Student Oklahoma Educators Association (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: June Caruthers, junecar@ecok.edu, x173

Student Rehabilation Association (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Angela Price, angkpri@ecok.edu, x839

Student Professional Oklahoma Educators (Academic/Pre-Professional)
Advisor: Nanette Schmitt, nschmitt@ecok.edu, x338 / Matt McGaha, mmcgaha@ecok.edu, x969

Tigers Against Human Trafficking (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Dr. Steve Phillips, sphillip@ecok.edu, x214

Tigers for Tigers (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Shawna Case, scase@ecok.edu, x671

Tri-Beta (Honorary/Biology)
Advisor: Dr. Biles, cbiles@ecok.edu, x498

Young Democrats (Special Interest/Service)
Advisor: Christine Pappas, cpappas@ecok.edu, x640 

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Tenecia Miller
Director, Student Organizations
& Greek Life
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