About SGA

The responsibility for the governing of the student body is vested in the students themselves. All students are members of the SGA upon their enrollment and officers and Senators are elected on a yearly basis.

The Student Government Association exists to represent the interest of the students by serving as a liaison between the University and community. Students are our top priority and we are always working on a variety of issues aimed at enhancing campus life and improving the student experience. From student services to food services; from academic issues to safety concerns, whatever your issue may be, SGA has a solution for you.

We encourage you all to meet with your Senators through our SGA town halls as well as through our weekly SGA meetings. Both venues present an opportunity to express any concerns that you might have, and to learn what SGA is working on.

All members of the College community are invited to visit the Student Government Association office, which is located in the University Center.



The Student Government Association strives to encourage and facilitate a positive relationship between students, faculty, and the administration by serving as the voice of the East Central University student body. The Student Government Association aims to initiate resolutions that seek to promote both academic and social excellence and improve the overall student experience at East Central University. The goals of Student Government include, but are not limited to:

  1. Representing the interest of students;
  2. Empowering students to voice their concerns;
  3. Promoting school spirit and involvement in our community
  4. Providing needed services to students;
  5. Allocating funds and supporting clubs and organizations;
  6. Fostering an inclusive, enjoyable, and adaptable environment for all people at East Central University.



Student Senate Representatives are elected by a majority of the Student Body and serve for one year starting in the fall semester of every academic year.

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Delanie Seals
SGA President

Michelle Allen, Coordinator
Student Leadership Development & Activities
Bill S. Cole University Center
Room 152