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Student Organizations Directory
2014 -2015
At East Central University, the faculty and staff feel that in order to have a full and rich education experience students should get involved with as many campus organizations and activities as their schedules permit. Not only will students feel a greater sense of belonging to East Central and its traditions, but they will also have a greater understanding of balancing work, relaxation, health and wellness, as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Club vs. Organization
A club is a group of students organized with a similar interest for a social, literary, athletic, political, or other common purpose.
An organization is a group of students organized for and acting toward a particular cause. Typically organizations are institutional (as described below) or nationally affiliated.
Student clubs/organizations are placed into one of the following categories based upon their members’ interests and goals. This is done to foster communication between clubs/organizations that may share similar philosophical underpinnings and to assist interested students in locating and finding a suitable club/organization for their needs. The categories available to select from are:
  1. Academic / Pre-Professional: Provide opportunities for members to discuss and share information on academic disciplines and careers and to network with professionals in the field.

  2. Cultural / International: Promotes a sense of community, solidarity, and support for students through various means and seek to enlighten and enrich individuals with certain aspects of their individual or collective cultures.

  3. HonoraryRequire a minimum grade point average 3.0 or higher for membership and may be related to a specific academic discipline. Members are usually accepted through invitation only and service may be a requirement for continued membership.

  4. Religious / FaithProvide instruction and/or spiritual guidance for members. They encourage expression and fellowship and need not to be affiliated with an established denomination.

  5. Special Interest / Service: Provide opportunities for members to meet, educate and share in a common interest. Organizations may also provide service to the University or a greater community.

  6. Sports / RecreationPromote and develop interest in a particular sport or physical activity. These clubs may be recreational, instructional, competitive, or may be involved in any combination of these elements. 

Academic / Pre-Professional
Art Club
We exist to boost understanding of the visual arts on the campus of East Central University and support the visual arts on campus.
President: Chance Brown
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: F. Bradley Jessop

Phone: 580-559-5353
Business Club 
It shall be the purpose of the Business Club to provide members with opportunities to combine their academic with real world situations to help develop leadership skills and experiences.
President: Phillip Wood
Phone: 405-990-3479
Primary Advisor:  Patrick D. Fountain

Phone: 580-559-5220
Secondary Advisor: Charlie Jones
Phone: 580-559-5269
Cartography Society
The Society is a means for the students to form an academic and social support network for one another at the University, as well as ambassadors for the discipline. Students are encouraged to be active participants by engaging in conversation about the discipline and course work, exchange information concerning internships, conferences, scholarship opportunities, jobs, and graduate school.
President: Alexis Brendle
Phone:  (580)399-7234
Advisor: Dr. Mark Micozzi
Phone: (580)399-5398
Chemistry Club
This organization seeks to guide East Central University students that are passionate about chemistry into related fields and become active in the community.
President: Karen Myers
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Charles Crittell
Phone: ext. 494
Council For Exceptional Children (CEC)
CEC is an international community of educators who are the voice and vision of special and gifted education. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with exceptionalities and their families worldwide through professional excellence and advocacy.
President: N/A
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Laura Bixler
Phone: 580-559-5351
Co-Sponsor: Staci Vollmer
Dentistry Club
To provide East Central University students with knowledge of the dentistry profession and experience therein.
President: Lindsy Polk
Phone: 580-933-6864 
Advisor: Pat Sutton
Phone: 580-559-5295
East Central University Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature
O.I.L is a student-run mock government that replicates all 3 branches of the State Government. Provides students an opportunity to write, debate, and pass legislation about the issues they believe are important.

President: Joe Trail

Phone: 580-399-3667
Advisor: Dr. Charles Peaden
Phone: 580-559-5412
Environmental Health Science Club
To be committed to the betterment of the nation health; to promote the active improvement of Environmental Health professional education;  to involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of the Environmental Health; to support the activities, programs and objectives of the profession of Environmental Health; and to help advance the profession of Environmental Health.
President: N/A
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Guy Sewell
Phone: 580-559-5547
Kinesiology club

Faculty and students of the Kinesiology Club will strive to promote professional development and social networks within their field of study and University community.  Our ultimate goal is to motivate and serve our members to take pride in their profession, as we work towards a common goal:  Being the best we can be!

President: Tory Grose
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Jillian McCarty
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Lambda Alpha Epsilon
Professional Criminal Justice Organization. To learn and gain in the field of Criminal Justice.
President: Daniel Berger
Phone: (580)504-7272
Advisor: Thom Parr
Phone: (580)559-5401

Literati is an academic organization affiliated with ECU Department of English & Languages but open to any ECU student interested in Literature, writing, language, or film.
President: Noelle Hurt
Phone: 580-320-3985
Advisor: Dr. Robin Murphy
Phone: 580-559-5449
Math Club
East Central University Math Club is established for the purpose of promoting a greater understanding of mathematics by providing social and intellectual interaction to all students interested in math, and encouraging undergraduate research in mathematics.
President: N/A
Email: N/A  
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Heather Hannah
Phone: 580-559-5281
National Association of Music Educators - (NAFME)

The purpose of NAFME is to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all. Criteria for membership is - full or part-time student interested in music and attending East Central University.


President: Jesslyn Richards

Phone: 405-615-0063 

Advisor: Dr. Kelley Alig
Phone: 580-559-5726
Nursing Red Cross Club
The purpose of this club is to provide service to the campus and community. Nursing majors and Nursing students may also earn an American Red Cross pin through service.
President: Justin Clark
Phone: 580-212-1286
Advisor: Debra Ollila
Phone: 580-399-0996
Silent Friends Club
We, the hearing impaired and hearing students, intend to encourage the communication between hearing and hearing impaired, promote deaf awareness and deaf leadership.
President: Matt Calvert
Phone: 580-927-5155
Advisor: Janna Byrd
Phone: 580-559-5544
Society of Physics Students 
The purpose of this club is to promote interest in the science of physics as a service to the campus and the community.
President: Jared Girm 
Phone: (918)685-0586  
Advisor: Dr. Karen Williams  
Phone: (580)559-5394
Society for Wildlife & Ecological Biologists
The ECU Society of Wildlife and Ecological Biologists (SWEB) is a student organization made up of students interested in gaining knowledge in field biology, ecology, wildlife, and research through fun volunteering and educational experiences.
President: Linzi Thompson
Phone: 580-618-1991
Advisor: Michael Bay
Phone: 580-559-5499
Student Family and Consumer Sciences Association
The purpose of SAFCS is to promote leadership, community involvement, and the Family & Consumer Sciences profession. Membership includes Family and Consumer Sciences majors enrolled at a university institution. This is part of the Student unit of the Oklahoma Association of Family& Consumer Sciences.
President: Kevin Meridth
Advisor: Dr. Diana Watson-Maile
Phone: (580)559-5475
Student Rehabilitation Association (SRA)
The purpose of the ECU student chapter of SRA is to be and organized support group for students in all helping programs, as well as the Rehabilitation Counseling Program.
President: Regina Golden
Phone: 580-320-9715
Advisor: Dr. Regina Robertson, Ph.D.,CRC,LPC
Phone: 580-559-5647

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African/Caribbean Students Association
To promote unity amongst African/Caribbean students, to create a network which supports international students, to create a network which supports international students at East Central University and to further promote international cultures within the university and Ada community, in an effort to foster cultural awareness in the campus community.
President: Ibrahim Nour
Phone: 580-235-8340
Advisor: Dr. Stan Nnochirionye
Phone: 580-559-5622
Asian Student Association (ASA)
To promote unity amongst Asian students, to create a network which supports Asian students at East Central University and to further promote Asian cultures within the university and Ada community, in an effort to foster cultural awareness in the campus community.
President: Manoj Devkota
Phone: 469-464-7322
Primary Advisor: Charles Biles
Phone: 580-559-5998
Secondary Advisor: Usha K. Fountain
Phone: 580-5599-5577
Association of Black Students (ABS)
To serve as an educational unit with respect to the heritage of African Americans.  We provide a forum for discussion of issues that are vital to the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of Black students.  We foster to sponsor cultural, educational and social activities that promote a collective identity, as well as a positive self-esteem.  To increase the awareness of other ethnic groups re: the historical contributions, and contemporary status of Blacks in the US.
President: Reuben Tiller
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Ashley Rushing
Phone: 580-559-5260
International Student Connection Club
The ISCC brings students of diverse cultures together and helps to fill the gap for students who find themselves thousands of miles from home.
President: Adisha Waghmarae
Phone: 580-279-8410
Primary Advisor: Rich Alford
Phone: 580-559-5414
Secondary Advisor: Mark Micozzi
Phone: 580-559-5398
Native American Student Association
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide social, cultural and academic support and enrichment for ECU’s Native American and other students who are interested in further understanding and promoting American Indian issues.  It also seeks to interact and partner with other university clubs, organizations or tribal entities in order to serve the greater community.
President: Colt Wood
Phone: N/A
Primary Advisor: Dr. Tom Cowger
Phone:  580-559-5671
Secondary Advisor: Shawna Jackson
Phone:  580-559-5419
Russian Club
The purpose of the organization is to help promote and spread the knowledge of Russian culture and language.  In order to gain support for the existing program, as well as to create new programs to better student’s knowledge in the areas of Russian and Slavic language and culture.

President: Alexis Brendle
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Mara Sukholutskaya
Phone: 580-559-5293

Alpha Phi Sigma
The goal of this organization shall be: to honor academic excellence, to promote community service, to enhance leadership, and to raise funds for social activities.
President: Adam
Email: Email: N/A
Phone: N/A 
Advisor: Ms. Sonya Hensley
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Honors Student Association
The Honors Student Association (HSA) is in conjunction with East Central University’s Honors Program in providing students with occasions for personal enrichment and leadership development through access to cultural and educational events as well as through community service.
President: Nikki Dickreson
Phone: N/A 
Advisor: Houston Mount
Phone: 580-559-5422
Kappa Kappa Psi
Gamma Theta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi is a National Honorary Band Service Fraternity we provide services for the University band program and local band programs. All money we raise goes to the band program in ways which we see it.
President: Erin Burton
Phone: 580-235-7508
Advisor: Benjamin Finley
Phone: 580-559-5391
Psi Chi International Honor Society
The purpose of Psi Chi International Honor Society shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology and to advance the science of psychology.
President: Michelle Stinnett
Phone: 580-235-7508
Primary Advisor: Marc Klippenstine
Phone: 580-559-5342
Secondary Advisor: Dr. Joanna Harris-Young
Phone: 580-559-5318
Phi UpSilon Omicron – Gamma Epsilon chapter 
Phi U is an honor society for Family and Consumer Sciences students recognized by the national society Phi UpSilon omicron. Students are FCS majors, minimum 40 semester hours, top 35 % of the department majors, have 3.0 GPA or above and provide scholarship, leadership and service.
President: Kacie Cantrell
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Diana Watson- Maile
Phone: 580-235-2076
Sigma Pi Sigma
Encourage and assist students interested in physics, stimulate interest in advance study and research in physics , develop collegiality among physics students and faculty members, promote public interest in physics, provide liaison between students and the member societies of American Institute  of Physics and recognize high scholarships and potential achievement in physics.
President: Stephanie Barnett
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Karen Williams

Phone: 580-399-5394
Tri-Beta (Biology Club)
We are a national honor society for biology majors. The purpose is to develop community within the biological scientists; encourage student research, support understanding and service.
President: Josh Belcher
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Terry Cluck 
Phone: 580-559-5657

Ada First Student Ministry
Our Purpose for the organization is to promote christ and fellowship through our weekly meetings and activities.
President: Joel Allen
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Wendy Streater
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Baptist Student Union
Mission Statement:  The BSU exists to show students that Jesus is the only way to a full life.  Every Tuesday at noon during the semester a free meal is served to students and a word of encouragement is shared from the Bible.  Every Tuesday at 8pm is a time of worship offered with a speaker addressing  relevant issues in the life of college students.  The BSU is open to all ECU students and invites anyone interested in spiritual matters to be a part of what is going on.
President: Amy Southerland  
Phone: 580-332-5636 
Advisor: Paul Rowe  
Phone: 580-559-5533
BRIDGE Ministry
The purpose of this organization is to develop fully devoted followers of Christ by helping students connect with Christ, each other, and the world.
President: Joel Allen    
Phone: 580-320-7808
Advisor: Alan Ogles
Phone: ext. 862
Campus Connection
Campus Connection is affiliated with the Baptist General convention of Oklahoma. This organization seeks to provide a bible study and service opportunities to any interested college student. 
President: Kevin Smith
Phone: 404-756-0695
Advisor: Charles Biles
Phone: 580- 559- 5498
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Chi Alpha is a national Assembly of God college ministry working toward reconciling students to Christ. There is no criteria for membership.
President: Janey Glover
Phone: 580 – 399 - 4899
Advisor: Ruth Huckeby
Phone: 580-559-5468
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
An athlete’s or anyone else’s way to strengthen their walk with Christ outside of church and eventually become leaders in and outside their respective sport.
President: Michael Ogunleye
Phone: 580-235-1110
Primary Advisor: Justin Deason
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Secondary Advisor: Tim McCarty
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A

ECU Wesley

ECU Wesley is located at the corner of 12th & Francis Street. The ECU Wesley mission statement is To Know Christ and To Make Christ Known. Fusion is our weekly worship service offered every Monday evening during the fall semester & spring semester. The service includes singing and worship led by our praise band, a 15-20 minute sermon that is both scripturally based and applicable to the life of a college student, as well as prayer and communion. We also offer several other small groups for students.
President: Britni Sisco
Phone: (580) 436-3400
Advisor:  Viki Saidleman
Phone:  580-559-5562

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 Special Interest / Service

Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Phi Omega provide opportunities for student to become familiar with planning and executing service projects, practice and develop leadership skills, and create meaningful lasting friendship.
Phone: 580-559-2621
Advisor: Patrick D. Fountain
Phone: 580-559-5220
Anime Club
We provide a social group atmosphere forstudent to relax while watching and discussing cultural animation. 
President: Lindsey Dugan
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Joshua Grasso
Phone: 580-559-5430
Collage’ ECU Dance Ensemble
The purpose of the ECU Dance Ensemble”  Collage’ is to serve as ambassadors of dance, for the university, the surrounding community, and our great state of Oklahoma.  Members in good standing shall encourage school pride, ensemble cohesion, community service, and dedication for the discipline.  Members will maintain high academic standards, technical standards, performance standards, personal standards, and professional standards.
President: Natalie Isaacs
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Victoria A. Dansby
Phone: 580-559-5624
ENACTUS: Entrepreneurs Action and Us
Our purpose is to communicate to students that businesses and entrepreneurs have the power to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. One way this is accomplished is through service to the community.
President: Caleb Fulton
Phone: 580-668-1022
Primary Advisor:  Patrick D. Fountain
Phone: 580-559-5270
Our organization’s primary purpose and mission is to impact the problem of substance abuse at the university, local and state levels by focusing on preventative education, increasing awareness of treatment and related services, and public advocacy.
President: Desmond Ngassa
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Holli Witherington
Phone: 580-559-5815
Gay-Straight Alliance
The GSA is a confidential place for questioning gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered & straight students, staff & faculty to meet. All are welcome.
President: Zachariah Champagne
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Christine Pappas
Phone: 580-399-5819


Habitat for Humanity

 To witness to and implement the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ada, Ok and throughout the United States and in the world by working with economically disadvantaged people to help them to created a better human habitat in which to live and work.

President: Miracle Gentry
Phone: 405-314-1798
Primary Advisor: Eril Hughest
Phone: 580-559-5559
Secondary Advisor: Charles Crittell
Phone: 580-559-5494
Purpose is to further the spirit of unity among the Human Resources students, to bring a closer relationship between faculty and student body to achieve and maintain a high social and scholastic standard.
President: Tammy Brown 
Phone: 580-399-6956
Advisor: Dr. Regina Robertson
Phone: 580-559-5647 
Legal Professions Association  
The purpose is to promote interest in law and legal professions, believing that the education process should include such measures of responsibility to promote complete development of character, leadership, and sense of social values.
President: Jorjia Cash
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Dr. Jenna Owens
Phone: 580-559-5603
Rotaract Club
The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.
President: Mary Newport
Phone: 405-566-9322
Advisor: Dr. Greenstreet
Phone: 580-559-5485
Tigers Against Bullying
Tiger Against Bullring’s purpose is to raise awareness of bullying, mitigate the effects, and ultimately end bullying.

President: Stephanie Davis
Phone: N/A
Advisor: Steven R. Phillips
Phone: 870-210-9343
Tigers Against Human Trafficking
To raise awareness of the prevalence of the human trafficking at the local, state, regional, national and international level.
President: Aileen Barton
Phone: 580-272-4124
Advisor: Steven R. Phillips
Phone: 580-559-5214
Tigers for Life
To train students in effective activism, raise awareness on the intricacies of the abortion issues, encourage political participation, promote prenatal equality and spark productive dialogue.
President: Conner Alford
Phone: 918-916-7848
Advisor: John Ulrich
Phone: 580-559-5507

Shotgun club
To offer ECU the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive shooting activities.  Club rules and guidelines are designed to ensure each member will participate in a safe and successful shooting venue.  
President: Colby Scott
Phone: 405-559-5216
Advisor: Michael Pierson
Phone: 580-559-5216