Student Organizations Directory 2015-2016

East Central University is home to over 50 student organizations.  Ranging from academic and pre-professional organizations to political or cultural organizations, ECU students can engage with other students on a variety of topics, interests, or beliefs.
The Office of Campus Involvement believes that students who are active on campus preform better academically, are more satisfied with their college experience and are more likely to graduate than those who do not join student organizations.  Whether you are looking to join a religious organization, a major-specific club or just a recreational club, the Office of Campus Involvement, located on the second floor of the University Center (UC 206), is ready and willing to help you find the best club for you.

African Caribbean Student Association - International/Cultural
Advisor: Dr. Stanley Nnochirionye x622

Alpha Chi National Honor Society - Honorary/Academic
Advisor: Dr. Christine Pappas x640

Alpha Psi Omega - Honorary/Theater
Advisor: Dr. Groetzinger x600
Anime Club - Interest/Service
Advisor: Dr. Joshua Grasso x348
Art Club - Academic/Pre Professional
Advisor: Katherine Seals x354

Ascend - Special Interest
Advisor: Kim Rogers x677

Asian Student Association - International/Cultural
Advisor: Dr. Usha Fountain x577

Baptist Student Union - Religious
Advisor: Dr. Paul Rowe x129

Bass Fishing Team - Athletic
Advisor: Dr. Dana Belcher x564

Business Leaders Association - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Pat Fountain x270

Campus Connection - Religious
Advisor: Dr. Charles Briles x498

Cartography Society - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Mark Micozzi x398

Chemistry Club - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Myers dmyers@ x494

Chi Alpha - Religious/ Faith
Advisor: Tony Jones x218

Club PRAD - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Bruce Hartley x528

Collage - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Michelle Rambo x170

College Republicans - Special Interest/ Service
Advisor: Christine Pappas x640

Dentistry Club - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Cluck x309

ECU Golf Club - Athletic
Advisor: Matt McGaha x969/x393

ECU Tennis Club - Sports/Recreation
Advisor: Justin Graham x308

ECU School Psychology Association - Academic/Pre Professional
Advisor: Catherine Roring x676

ECU Water Resources Association - Academic/Pre Professional
Advisor: Dr. Erick Ananga 

ECU Wesley - Religious/Faith
Advisor: Viki Saidleman x300

Environmental Health Science Club - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Doug Weirick x548

F.A.T.E. - Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Holli Witherington x815

Phi Epsilon/Family & Consumer Science - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Jan Long x631

GSA - Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Dr. Christine Pappas x640

Honors Student Association - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Steve Benton x877

Human Resource Club- Interest/Service

Advisor: Steven Roring x219

International Students Connection Club - International/Cultural
Advisor: Dr. Mark Micozzi x398

Kinesiology- Academic/Pre Professional
Advisor: Jillian McCarty x116

Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Honorary/Criminal Justice
Advisor: Thom Parr x401

Latter Day Saints Students Association -Academic/Professional
Advisor: Errol King x863

League of Extraordinary Gamers - Special Interest
Advisor: Dr. Charles Peaden x412

Legal Professions Association - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Jenna Owens x603

Native American Student Association - Cultural/International
Advisor: Shawna Jackson x419

Nursing Student Association- Special Interest/ Services
Advisor: Heather Prentice x798

Order of Omega - Greek/Honorary
Advisor: Tenecia Miller x207

Parkour Club - Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Jillian McCarty x116

Photography Club  Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Stan Pollard x 482

Pi Kappa Delta - Academic/Speech and Debate
Advisor: Donna Graves x503

Pi Sigma Alpha-  Honorary
Advisor: Christine Pappas x640

Refuge Student Ministries - Religious
Advisor: Stephanie Moss x260

Residence Hall Association - Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Aramis Douglas x896

Rotaract Club - Service/Rotary International
Advisor: Bridget Forshay x296

Russian Club - International/Cultural
Advisor: Dr. Mara Sukholutskaya x293

Showtime-  Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Vickie Reifsnider x 878

Sigma Pi Sigma - Honorary/Physics
Advisor: Dr. Karen Williams x394

Society of Physics Students - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Karen Williams x394

Social Work Student Association - Academic/Professional
Advisor: Kelly Slover x340

Society for Wildlife & Ecological Biology - Academic/Pre Professional
Advisor:Michael Bay x497

Spanish Club - Cultural/International
Advisor: Errol King x863

Speech and Debate - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Donna Graves x503

Student Council for Exceptional Children - Academic/Pre- Professional
Advisor: Dr. Laura Bixler x351

Student Athlete Advisory Committee - Sports/ Recreation
Advisor: Karen William x394

Student Oklahoma Educators Association - Academic/Pre-Professional
Advisor: Dr. Nanette Schmitt x338

Student Rehabilation Association - Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Regina Robertson x647

Student Tiger Alumni Representatives - Pre-Professional/Alumni Relations
Advisor: Katie Wellington x651

T.I.E -Academic/Pre Professional
Advisor: Mark Jones x323

Tigers Against Human Trafficking - Special Interest/Service
Advisor: Dr. Steve Phillips x214

Tigers for Christ - Religious/Faith
Advisor: Janna Byrd x544

Tri-Beta - Academic/Honorary - Biology
Advisor: Dr. Biles x498

Young Democrats-  Special Interest/Service
Advisor:Christine Pappas x640 

Zeta Pi Lambda - Religious/Service
Advisor: Brandon Preston x857