Student Senate

The Legislature is composed of 18 representatives whose responsibilities include enacting all legislation necessary and proper to promote the general welfare of the student body and the University.  The Student Senate serves as the primary legislative and deliberative body of the SGA and represents the views of the student body. The Student Senate has the duties and powers to:

  • Adopt bills and resolutions which advance the purposes of the SGA as defined in the Preamble of this Constitution.
  • Consider recommendations by the General Assembly, and the Executive Board.
  •  When in the best interest of the student body, override a Presidential Veto with a two-thirds vote.
  • When in the best interest of the student body, remove from office any member of the Executive Board or the Senate.
  • When in the best interest of the student body, recognize student organizations with a majority vote as requested by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership.

The Senate meets every Tuesday at 5:15 pm, University Center, Governor's Room to discuss and address issues of campus concern.  Unless otherwise noted, weekly meetings are open to all students and other members of the East Central community.  Everyone is encouraged to attend, to voice opinions, or to listen and observe.

2013 - 2014 Senate Representatives

President Rachel Nicholas
Vice-President Orges Lleshaj
Secretary Anna Talkington
Treasurer Austin Morrow
Freshman Rep Alexa Engles
Freshman Rep Isaac Morris
Sophmore Rep Jake Laywood
Sophmore Rep Bria Tynes
Junior Rep Wesley Robertson
Junior Rep Savannah Mobley
Senior Rep Riste Stokanovski
Senior Rep Michael Cain 
Athletic Rep Viktors Slesarenoks
Commuter Rep Jenny Whatley
Graduate Rep Tammy Brown
Housing Rep Emily Davis
International Rep Stacey Zulu
Non – Trad Rep Corey Scott
Student with Dis Rep Phyllis Duck
Minority Rep Mercedes Hogan
Veteran Rep James (Jim) Sharp
Greek Rep (IFC) Jeremy Bussell
Greek Rep (NPC) Faith Nevill

All members of the Senate representatives are appointed for one year starting in the spring semester of every academic year and are responsible for attending each committee meeting.

Let Us Hear Your Voice!

If you have a concern, suggestion, opinion, comment or issue, please send it to us and we would be glad to follow up with you. We are here to help you with any issues you may have at East Central University and are waiting to hear from you. Send us your message.
We are conveniently located on the top level of the University Center. Visit us to answer any questions or help you get involved on campus....or just stop by to hang out!

Bi-Weekly Briefings

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