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The Extreme

20 meals per week

This Reservation allows students the greatest value and opportunity to dine with friends, as you can enjoy all 20 meals offered on campus each week in Taff Dining Hall.



The Tantalizing Ten

10 meals per week

This Reservation allows students greater flexibility.  You can enjoy up to 10 meals offered each week in Taff Dining Hall.



The Fab 14

14 meals per week

This Reservation is designed for students who want to eat an average of two meals a day on campus, as you can enjoy up to 14 meals offered each week in Taff Dining Hall.



food case at Outtakes store

Flex $684 Plan

Students living in Tiger Commons only, have the option of purchasing a Flex Only plan in the amount of $684. These Flex Dollars allow students to purchase items in any of the on campus dining locations. These Flex Dollars do not carry over from one semester to the next.


Super Duper Flex

For total flexibility! Purchase as little as $25 in Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars can be purchased in increments of $25, $50 and $100. Flex Dollars are held in a "declining balance account" that works on the same principle as a debit card. You can use your Flex to purchase beverages, snacks or even a full meal in any of our campus dining locations. Each time you make a purchase, the purchase amount is subtracted from your Flex Dollars balance. Flex Dollars do carry over from semester to semester, but not from year to year. (Tiger Commons Flex Dollars Plan does not carry over from semester to semester.)

Please Note: All students living in the residence halls on campus are required to purchase a minimum of the 10 Meals per Week plan, with the exception of students in Tiger Commons who are able to purchase the Flex $684 Plan.

The cafeteria closes after the noon meal on the day prior to holidays and breaks where the university classes do not meet (ex: 4th of July Holiday, Fall Break, etc.) and reopens for the breakfast meal on the day the classes come back into session.

ECU Dining Services are provided by Chartwells.