Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) 

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a specially trained group of professional staff members from several university departments with mental health, student development, law enforcement, academic, and administrative expertise.  The BIT aims to help students who might be showing signs of distress.  In most situations, when a student is referred to the BIT, it means that another person is worried about him/her and thought the BIT would be a positive tool to help connect him/her with resources.

The team investigates students with concerning behavior and seeks to improve a student's experience on campus.  The BIT implements strategies to help the student solve through any difficulties or challenges that might be precluding them from reaching their goals.  If there are challenges, the BIT is here to partner with the student.  The Behavioral Intervention Team wants the students' experience on campus to be safe and enjoyable - and for others to feel less worried about them.

However, the BIT cannot do the job alone, and needs assistance from those on campus who witness something that is cause for concern. Prompt reporting of individuals whose behavior raises concern, especially in the form of direct threats, or more typically, extreme displays of emotion.

Please note: The BIT does not take anonymous reports. The team was formed to deal with specifics in order to assist students.  If you have a concern or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling the Office of Student Development at (580) 559-5208.


Reporting Behavior of Concern