Staff: Student Development

Dr. Jerry Forbes


Welcome to East Central University!  Whether you are a first year student or returning, it’s good to have you on campus.  It is always exciting to look out my window in the Administration Building and see a steady stream of students passing by.

With a new semester come opportunities to improve.  Improve on making friends; improve learning; improve study habits; improve attending class and so forth and so on.   Each of us is in a position to make progress to better ourselves. 

We better ourselves by engaging in what we are doing.  When you go to class – show up ready to learn.  Learn everything you can from both the professor and your classmates.  Learn outside of class.  Make friends, talk to people, play intramurals, go to ball games, get involved with a club or organization.  Enjoy the beautiful Fall days.  College is a very special time in life – it’s a time to become more.

We become more by getting involved but also by asking for help when we need it.  Faculty, staff, and other students are here for you.  There are health services, counseling, tutoring, exercise facilities, snack bars as well as an array of other amenities to enhance your experience.  You have joined the ECU Tiger family and we are committed to helping you and helping each other improve throughout the year.  Take a chance, reach out and improve.

I’m glad that you are here.


Dr. Jerry Forbes

Vice President for Student Development 

Jerry Forbes, EdD
Vice President,
Administration Building, Suite 102
Carla Buchanan,
Administrative Assistant,
Administration Building, Suite 103
Melody Pedersen, Bachelors of Education
Administrative Assistant
Memorial Student Union Building, Suite EOC