Employer FAQs

Mid Del School booth at the spring 2008 career fair

Q: How do I post jobs?

A: See posting jobs.


Q: How can I get involved in your internship or co-op program?

A: Fall & Spring Career, Internship and Education Fairs


First, for recruiting:

Second, after you make job offers to students:

  • The students depending upon major may have certain procedures to enroll in an Internship Program.
  • You must give the student an offer letter and job description.

Q: How can I get started recruiting?

A: Contact us if you have questions or want advice on the various parts of the recruiting process.

We can also assist you in arranging on-campus recruiting interviews to meet with students in individual one on one interviews.


Q: Can I or my company/organization sponsor events and programs?

A: Yes! Please Contact us.