Welcome Parents

A male student and his mom and friend helping him move into the dorms.Your student's future is important to us. As parents, you have a great deal of influence on your college student's career development. Parents want to help their child make the most of there East Central University experience and get a good start on life after college. You may be adjusting to their new-found independence and confidence while wishing that you can ensure that they make the best career choice. We encourage you to stay involved and please refer to the resources available through the Career Center. Career planning is a process that students can begin during their freshmen year.


This process involves four major steps:

  1. Assessing values, interests, personalities and skills
  2. Exploring majors and career options
  3. Evaluating possible career options through direct work experience
  4. Organizing and conducting a job or graduate school search

To facilitate this process, the Career Center has developed two handouts for career and professional development:

  1. The Student Career Success Guide offers a place to record the activities a student engages in. It is useful in preparing a resume or cover letter as well as interviews.
  2. The Four-Year Career Plan which outlines the activities students can do during each of their years in college to further their career development.

As parents, you may want to peruse this four-year career plan for ideas on how you can support this process as well as remind your son or daughter that the Career Center is here to assist them during the process.

The staff in the Career Center facilitates the career development process by providing information and support to students as they prepare for the working world.

Applying a long-term professional development perspective, they help students develop life-long skills in making career decisions, conducting a job search, and networking and engaging in the professional environment.