Attend an EXPO

Haliburton boothPrepare for Success

A career EXPO is a great opportunity to meet prospective employers in person, so you should be prepared! Some employers attending career EXPOs will have current openings so they are interested in meeting candidates and getting an initial impression. Other employers at a career EXPO will not have openings but want to make students aware of opportunities within their organization.

How to Prepare?

Have your resume ready.

Well before the career EXPO you should prepare or update your resume. Attend a resume workshop and have one of the ECU Career Center staff members critique your resume.

Dress to win.

Consider your meeting with career EXPO representatives as brief, but real life initial interviews. If you don't make a good initial impression in the first few minutes, you probably will never be asked into the office for an interview. Choose a conservative, business-like outfit that looks good on you and is comfortable.

Practice your responses.

You may only have only a few minutes with each employer. There are some basic questions recruiters will ask you when you first meet them: "What kind of job are your looking for?" and "What do you know about our organization?" Before the career EXPO, decide what your responses to these questions will be. Also, try to find out some information about the employers in advance. It is appropriate to let them know that you are attending the career EXPO to learn more about opportunities they have available and to research more about their organization.

Be ready to interview!

Employers at a career EXPO usually plan to meet candidates that they will invite for interviews at a later time. Be prepared to discuss anything that might come up in an interview situation even in a career EXPO setting. You might be asked to describe your experience and qualifications for a particular job.

Show up early.

Recruiters at career EXPOs are freshest and most attentive at the beginning of the day.