Services for Students

Students who wish to request accommodations for courses, or in other University programs, services, or activities, should provide appropriate documentation of their disability to the Coordinator of Disability Services soon after admission to the University. If the accommodation is justified by the documentation and if it is reasonable for the University to provide, the Coordinator will work with the student and appropriate personnel to facilitate the accommodation. Continuing students should make an appointment with the office of Disability Services before the beginning of each semester to request services.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation must be from a professional with appropriate credentials to diagnose and treat the stated impairment. Documentation guidelines for physical, psychological, attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities are available at the Office of Disability Services, 159 Administration Building or can be found here.


All documentation provided to Disability Services will be kept confidential. If sharing disability-related information with others is needed to facilitate an accommodation, the student will be informed and given the option of releasing the information. The student will need to sign a release form in order for information to be shared.

Policies and Procedures

The office of Disability Services Policies and Procedures manual can be found here.