Academic Meetings

All meetings will be on the ECU campus in the Estep room in the University Center.

  • All Meetings will be held from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
  • Transportation will be provided as needed to students traveling from Crowder, Stringtown, and Wynnewood.
  • All other participants must provide their own transportation to and from monthly meetings.

Ø  All students are required to attend the monthly Saturday meetings to be eligible for their stipend.

o   Exception: Official Notification for school related activities. Prior notification and confirmation required before meeting date.

o   The only time a correction will be made to adjust the stipend list, after a meeting, is when an error has been made by the UB office.


Ø  Attendance at all Saturday meetings is expected for the length of the entire meeting.

o   Meetings will only last 2 hours, please make plans to attend the entire meeting.


Ø  Excessive tardiness at the Saturday meetings may result in being dropped from the program.

o   It is understandable that in certain situations being late is unavoidable. It is expected that you be prompt and on time for meetings!


Ø  Stipends-How much will you earn?

o   $40 for each meeting attended

o   You will only be paid for 2 excused absences


If you are unable to attend or know you are running late to a meeting, it is your responsibility to contact the Upward Bound Staff as soon as possible.