Suicide Intervention

Emergency Procedures

Suicide Intervention

If an employee or student has reasons to believe, either by direct knowledge or a report from another person, that a person is in any danger of harming himself/herself, that employee or student is to report the situation immediately. The procedure to report the situation is as follows:

  1. If an individual has threatened or displayed a cluster of alarming warning signals, appears to have a plan, or is in imminent danger and requires intervention, the Crisis Team will be contacted immediately. The following procedures are to be followed

    A. Do not leave the individual alone.

    B. Contact the Campus police-332-3875 or Ext. 5316.

    C. Counseling techniques will be used as appropriate to try to diffuse the situation.

    D. Counselors will collaborate about the results of a risk assessment to try to determine the severity of the situation.

    E. Do not allow the individual to go home unsupervised. A parent or adult must assume direct responsibility for the individual before allowing him or her to leave school.

  2. After the immediate crisis has been resolved, the Crisis Assistance Team shall meet to evaluate the situation and decide on an appropriate role for the university to take in assisting the individual.

    A. A case manager shall be appointed to remain in close contact with the individual. The counselor will be the liaison between student, school, parent, and any involved community agencies.

    B. Faculty involved with the individual will be assisted in appropriately dealing with them.

    C. Referral sources will be given to the parents/spouse. Individuals who are suicidal are not safe at school, and parents/spouse shall arrange for treatment through outside sources.

  3. Confidentiality shall be maintained throughout these procedures.