East Central University’s Department of Art + Design : Media + Communication encourages collaboration across disciplines and offers major and minor programs in art, communication, and media . 
In art, students develop a personal, aesthetically based, problem-solving approach to the visual arts and acquire skills in drawing, painting, design, sculpture, ceramics, and digital media. Lecture courses are designed to engage students in the contextuality of art as a historical dialogue.

Facilities include state of the art studios for drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, digital imaging and foundations. The Department can access over 50,000 images via database for art history. It houses a state of the art digital imaging laboratory and other equipment in the department include a: high fire, raku, and salt glazing kilns for ceramics; metal working equipment, a ceramic shell foundry,
CNC machine, 3D printing, wood and stone carving equipment for sculpting; and equipment for etching, lithography, serigraphy, and relief printmaking, audio and video production.

Art Program

The department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in studio art, art education and graphic design.

Mass Communication Program

The department also offers a Communication major and a Mass Communication major with concentrations in Mass Media or Advertising/Public Relations.