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Communication and Performance Studies - Theatre Concentration

The Theatre concentration prepares students interested in acting, technical theatre, theatre criticism and scholarship, and theatre management to enter those fields. This concentration requires study and work in all aspects of theatre. Theatre majors prepare main stage productions and support an active studio theatre season

actor, casting director, costume designer, dialect coach, director, dramaturg, entertainers and performers, lighting designer, model, producer, producers, program directors, puppeteer, set designer, stage directors, stage manager, sound designer, technical directors/managers Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Communication and Performance Studies – Speech Teacher Certification

The Speech Teacher Certification concentration prepares students to teach speech, theatre, and debate in junior high and high school. ECU consistently has among the highest ‘first time pass’ rates in the state for the teacher certification examination. Our graduates are prepared to enter the classroom with confidence because they have established their competence.

communication teacher/lecture, health specialist teacher, healthcare support workers, language pathologists, medical health services manager, self-enrichment education teacher, supervising Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Communication Studies

The ECU Communication and Performance Studies Program offers several degree concentrations to students in Communication and Performance Studies. The Communication Department studies the ways human communication impacts individuals, societies, and the world.

actor, actress, careers in marketing, college admissions representative, communications director, community affairs liaison, convention organizer, costume designer, customer service representative, drama coach, editorial assistant, education, entertainment agent, hospitality communications positions, human resources assistant, journalist, junior advertising copywriter, librarian, lighting designer, marketing assistant, media , media planner, play director, political campaign coordinator, producer, public relations assistant, school counselor, set designer, speech teacher, speech writer, technical writer Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Computer Science

The Computer Science degree program will prepare the graduate for a successful career in the world of technology. Lucrative salaries and opportunities to work on interesting and challenging projects are the rewards which await those who choose the Computer Science major.

cyber security consultant, data analyst, database administrator, digital copywriter, games developer, information system manager, it consultant, it sales professional, it trainer, multimedia programmer, seo specialist, software engineer, systems analyst, technical author, technical writer, web content manager, web designer, web developer Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice option provides students the opportunity to develop the advanced skills and knowledge needed to function effectively in the full range of criminal justice professions. The program also provides the opportunity to acquire the resources necessary for program development and management.

This program is also offered online. View more information about the online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Policy.

bailiff, ballistics specialist, blood spatter analyst, case administrator, child custody recommending counselor, crime scene investigator, criminologist, compliance manager, corrections officer or probation officer, court clerk, court manager, courtroom assistant, criminal law supervisor, dna analyst, family law mediator, fbi agent, fiber technologist, forensic odontologist, guidance counselor, homicide detective, human resources generalist, human services assistant, operations specialist, police officer, pretrial services officer, psychological profiler, public benefits interviewer, sheriff deputies, social worker, teacher or trainer Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Early Childhood Education

Students who major in Early Childhood Education complete courses concentrating on the development and education of young children. This program leads to state certification for teaching children in nursery school, kindergarten, and grades one, two, and three.

early years teacher, education, family support worker, kindergarten teachers, learning mentor, preschool teachers, primary school teacher, secondary school teacher, social worker, special educational needs teacher, teaching assistant, youth worker Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Elementary Education

Elementary Education majors develop skill and competency in educating children in grades one through eight. The student acquires an academic foundation in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies by completing at least twelve semester hours in each of these content areas. Elementary Education majors expand their teaching knowledge and skills in the use of teaching methods, materials, various assessment instruments, and appropriate technologies toward meeting the educational needs of elementary students.

education, elementary school teacher, curriculum planner, instructional coordinators, instructional designer, kindergarten teachers, librarians, speech language pathologists, teacher leader, tutors, vocational counselors Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan

The Department of English and Languages offers the following majors: English; English Teaching Certificate; English as a Second Language; Humanities; Oklahoma Studies; and Spanish. Course work in additional languages is also available. Students who study English, humanities, and languages enhance the reading and writing skills important in a variety of careers, absorb the cultural understanding necessary for success in a diverse society, and develop the critical thinking skills which will lead to professional and advanced academic success.

academic librarian, arts administrator, digital copywriter, editorial assistant, film director, information officer, journalist, lexicographer, magazine journalist, marketing executive, newspaper journalist, ppc specialist, publishing copy-editor, records manager, social media manager, teacher/lecture, web content manager, writer Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
English - Teacher Certification Concentration

In a culture that relies on a literate citizenry, the need for training in skilled language comprehension and usage continues to increase. The outstanding English & Languages Department faculty at East Central University are committed to fostering such a citizenry, as well as achieving the department's program goal of preparing students for employment as teachers, writers, editors, or for liberal-arts positions in business and industry.

education teacher, english language teacher, english literature teacher, english teacher, tutors Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Environmental Health Science

The Environmental Health Science Program is one of two programs within the Department of Environmental Sciences. The Environmental Health Science program offers a major leading to a Bachelor Science degree in Environmental Health Science. The Environmental Science program also offers a minor for students majoring in other degree programs.

corporate health and safety director, environmental health and safety specialist, environmental consultant, environmental education officer, environmental health practitioner, environmental manager, health and safety engineer, landscape architect, marine biologist, nature conservation officer, osha inspector, recycling officer, sustainability consultant, transport planner, town planner, toxicologist, waste management officer, water quality scientist Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Environmental Health Science - Environmental Management and Natural Resources Concentration

Environmental Health Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that includes the natural and social sciences and the application of those sciences to the areas of environmental health and environmental protection. The major in Environmental Health Science prepares students for employment as environmental health specialists and environmental protection specialists with industry and governmental agencies. In addition, the completion of the major prepares students for graduate programs in environmental health and environmental science

agricultural engineer, anthropologist, bioinformatics, ecologist, entomologist, geographer, hydrologist, management, marine biologist, meteorologist, microbiologist, molecular biologist, oceanographer, paleontologist, seismologist, wildlife biologist, zoologist Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Environmental Health Science - Public Health Concentration

The Public Health option is designed to prepare students for professional positions at health departments, or at other community and public health sites. This option requires 53 credit hours of courses offered through the Department of Environmental Sciences (ES) and 37 credit hours of related courses from other academic departments. Students are required to complete a three to six credit hour professional internship at an approved internship site.

air pollution analyst, disaster managemnt spcialist, environmental health professional, environmental ispector, environmental sanitation engineer, environmental toxicologist, epidemiologist, groundwater protection specialist, public education outreach specialist, wastewater treatment operator Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - Early Care Concentration

The concentration in Early Care is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare individuals for careers as early care education master teachers or program administrators, parent education instructors, early intervention instructors, program teachers for infants to school-age children and social services agents in child and family programs. The option is open only to individuals who have earned an associate’s degree in child development or early childhood from a partnering community college.

child care, childcare workers, community-based children's programs, counseling for children, family and general oractitioners, health educators, heathcare social workers, pediatric nurse, personal care aids, social services, teaching/lecture Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - General Concentration

East Central University’s Family and Consumer Sciences Program prepares students for countless career opportunities – helping them create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

boutiques, child development, church or religious organizations, consumer affairs, community centers, design & consulting, fashion consulting firms, fashion press, family service agencies, foods & nutrition, government agencies, hospitality industry, human or social service organizations, human services, media, nursery school or mother's day out programs, private homes or family day care centers, restaurants or speciality food shops, research, retail merchandising, retail stores, school systems, textile & apparel manufacturers Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - Retail Merchandising Concentration

The Retail Merchandising concentration provides specialized training that will assist the student in meeting a diverse and challenging career in the retail industry. Many excellent opportunities are provided that will broaden the scope of education and experience in retail. These opportunities include: hands-on training; internship experience; and participation in fashion productions, retail study tours, Career Day Dallas, and other career-related opportunities.

child development, consumer affairs, design and consulting, early intervention instructors, education, education master teachers, entrepreneur, fashion director, fashion editor, foods and nutrition, human services, media, parent education instructors, program administrators, program teachers for infants to school-age children, research, retail merchandising, retail department manager, sales representative, social services agents in child and family programs, the cooperative extension service, visual merchandiser Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - Teacher Certification

The concentration in Family and Consumer Science Education leads to certification for teaching in secondary schools. Because of the diversity of high school courses they may teach, students take courses in different areas--clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, consumerism, housing, child development, family relationships, and resource management.

agricultural science teacher, career/teaching education teacher, family and consumer teacher/lecture, farm and home management advisors, home economics teacher, politicals science teachers, social workers, socialpogy teacher Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements only (no 4-Year Degree Plan)

education, General Education, general education requirements Degree Checklist

General Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) Degree meets many employers’ requirements for hiring or promotion and can also provide the foundation for admission to graduate school. In addition, students should tailor their BGS core requirements and other course work to address particular career and personal learning goals including specialization in particular content areas. (no 4-Year Degree Plan)

account director, editorial director, director of public relations, marketing director, employee communications manager, marketing communications director, brand manager, sales and marketing director, media relations manager, public relations (pr) manager, senior account executive, project manager, advertising manager, administrative services manager, market research analyst, content writer, program director, non-profit Degree Checklist


History offers students the richness of past experience to comprehend more lucidly humanity’s progress and setbacks, great accomplishments and tragic failures. Historical study teaches judgment, examines values, and explores issues and events; it uncovers the sources of creativity and stagnation during the entire course of civilization’s evolution. The significance of the past and its meaning for the possibilities of the present and future become a powerful tool of analysis and interpretation.The History program offers a wide-range of courses in United States history, European history, and World history.

archivists, civil service administrator, documentary editors, geographer, heritage manager, high school history teacher, historical author, historic buildings inspector, librarians, museum curator or director, museum education officer, museum or gallery exhibitions officer, records managers, writers and editors Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
History – Teacher Certification Concentration

A teaching degree creates the foundation for pursuing a long-term career in teaching history and social studies at different levels of schooling. After obtaining teacher certification, many graduates of teaching degree programs can pursue a career in preschools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, or universities. Advanced teaching degrees enable students to pursue research and education at even higher levels such as PhD and graduate programs

art, drama and music teacher, education teacher, geography teacher, history teacher/lecturer, human resources specialists, philosophy and regional teachers, political science teacher, teacher assistant, vocational education teachers Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan