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Human Service Counseling – Rehabilitation Concentration

The objective of the Rehabilitation concentration is to prepare students to work with individuals with a variety of physical, mental, cognitive, behavioral and addictive disabilities. Students completing this program have additional skills in knowledge of the major disability groups, legislation and various disability-related programs. Emphasis is placed on disability culture, inclusion and advocacy. This program also serves individuals interested in pursuing advanced degrees in speech therapy, recreation therapy and other allied fields

rehabilitation counselor, community rehabilitation programs specialist, rehabilitation officer, rehabilitation services director, rehabilitation program manager, counseling Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Service Counseling – Services to the Deaf Concentration

The objective of the Services to the Deaf concentration is to prepare students to work with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The academic program is structured to provide students with the specialized knowledge and sign language skills that will enable them to provide services in a broad spectrum of private, state, federal and community agencies.

crisis/employment/rehabilitation counselor, bereavement counselor, referral agency interpreter, video-relay interpreter, k-12 or post-secondary interpreter, technology center interpreter, youth guidance specialist, para/professional/educational interpreter, vocational rehabilitation specialist, religious/ministerial specialist, childcare provider, audiologist, psychologist, sign language teacher, social worker, speech-language pathologist, teacher of deaf children, counseling Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Services Counseling – Aging Concentration

The objective of the Aging concentration is to prepare students to work in the multidisciplinary field of aging and gerontology. This is a diverse field which offers students an insight to the aging process, including the physical, mental and social changes in older people as they age. In addition, the program provides knowledge on the changes in society resulting from our aging population and considers the policies and programs that impact this field.

government job, community services, social work, non-profit sector, health services, mental health and wellness, compensation and benefits managers, human resources managers, training and development managers, human resources specialists, labor relations specialists, training and development specialists, business teachers, counseling, counseling Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Services Counseling – Counseling Concentration

The Department of Human Resources offers educational programs that share the common goal of preparing students to work with people in a variety of human services agencies and organizations. The human services field is one of the most rapidly expanding career fields in America today. The Human Resources Department focuses on those careers which require professional preparation and training for service to individuals, families, groups, and the community. Degree programs include Counseling, Criminal Justice, and Social Work

drug & alcohol counselor, family support specialist, case manager, social services specialist, child abuse worker, nursing aide, community outreach worker/director, mental health aide, military counselor, rehabilitation counselor, substance abuse counselor, family & child counselor, domestic violence counselor, counseling Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan

The Kinesiology program prepares students for careers in the fitness/wellness profession, as well as research-oriented careers. Prospective employers include health clubs, recreational facilities, hospital-based wellness programs, cardiac rehabilitation programs and sports medicine clinics. Many exercise science majors use interdisciplinary studies to prepare for working with special populations such as senior citizens or owning their own fitness business such as personal training.

teacher/coach, graduate student, certified personal trainer, certified athletic trainer, athletic researcher, corporate wellness center director, health & fitness center manager, strength & conditioning coach, recreation program director, recreational tourism director Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Program is much more applied, teaching skills that will be applicable in the law office, such as legal business applications and knowledge of specialty law subjects. Most classes are based on lectures and focused projects. The program studies the connection between law and politics and is a popular avenue to law school.

attorneys, consultants, contract administrators, court administrators, court clerks, data analysts, expert witnesses, fbi agents, government relations directors, historians, hospital administrators, human resources managers, investigators, labor relations directors, law enforcement officers, legal assistants, legal consultants, legislative liaisons, litigation analysts, lobbyists, magistrates, paralegals, policy developers, politicians, professors, public service administrators, real estate professionals, reporters, research associates, social workers, superintendents, teachers, union representatives, lawyer, compliance officer, law enforcement officer, real estate agent, mediator, law librarian Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Mass Communication – Advertising/Public Relations Concentration

The Mass Communication degree with a concentration in Ad/PR is designed for students interested in representing businesses, organizations, corporations and industries in the public area. Coursework includes:
• Advertising techniques
• Public relations approaches
• Crisis communication
• Ad/PR Campaigns
• Layout/design
• Social media strategy & analytics
ECU Ad/PR concentration students start building their portfolios as they work with real clients in many of their courses. Our students work closely with nonprofit organizations to assist them with their strategic communication needs. Other clients include campus departments and organizations that need assistance. Our faculty applies real worldAd/PR experience to the classroom setting that enhances overall learning experience

advertising sales agent, public relations specialists, advertising managers, media specialist, public affairs specialist, director of community relations, advertising manager , promotions manager, marketing manager, copywriters, art director , public relations manager, Social Media Marketing Director, Special Events Manager, Event Planner, Event Planning, Copywriter, Marketing Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Mass Communication – Mass Media Concentration

The Mass Media concentration in Mass Communication prepares students to pursue careers in the ever-changing world of converged media. Mass Media majors learn how to navigate the worlds of print, broadcast, and digital media through theoretical perspectives and with hands-on activities.

magazine journalist, film, writer, film director, producer, video, television, director, mass comm, mass communicaiton, media planner, multimedia specialist, public relations officer, web content manager, social media manager, editor, video, multimedia, social media, Art, Arts Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Mathematics – Applied Mathematics/Pre-Actuary Concentration

The Applied Mathematics/Pre-Actuary concentration prepares the student for entry into the job market as an applied mathematician or actuarial trainee, for a career in finance, or for entry into a graduate program in applied mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, finance or quantitative management science.

applied mathmatician, computer scientist, computational mathematician, cryptography researcher, data scientist, analysis operator, researcher, engineering, stastical analyst, risk and financial impact evaluator for insurance companies, consulting firms, government job Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Mathematics – Teacher Certification Concentration

The Teacher Certification concentration, in conjunction with professional education courses, prepares the student for teaching mathematics at the secondary level.

math teacher/lecture, mathematicians, mathematical technicians, engineering teacher, physics teacher, computer science teacher, teacher assistant Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Mathematics –General

The General Mathematics concentration provides preparation for the student who plans to enter a graduate program in mathematics. A student taking this concentration, in consultation with his or her advisor, should choose elective courses which meet the entrance requirements of the desired graduate program.

actuarial analyst, actuary, chartered accountant, chartered certified accountant, data analyst, data scientist, investment analyst, research scientist (maths), statistician, software engineer, civil service fast streamer, financial manager, financial trader, insurance underwriter, meteorologist, operational researcher, quantity surveyor, software tester, statistician, investment analyst, mathematician, systems engineer, budget analyst, programmer analyst, market researcher, cost estimator, fraud investigator, energy analyst, quantitative financial analyst, mathematical modeler Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Music – Instrumental

The Department of Music provides a general music education foundation for all students, individual professional preparation for selected major fields within the department, and cultural enrichment for both the campus and community.

sound designer, sound technication, session musician, song recordist, music instrument repair and tuning, music critic or reviewer, music editing engineer, instrument builder, designer, entertainer, artist management Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Music – Instrumental Teacher Certification Concentration

Prepares students for careers as music teachers in schools, Kindergarten through the 12th grade.

art, drama, instrumental, instrumenatal teacher, musical instrument repairers and tuners, musicians Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Music – Piano

Our strong piano program prepares students to be performers, accompanists and piano teachers, as well as providing a thorough and solid musical base for pianists going on to advanced studies in graduate school. In addition to weekly lessons, classes are offered in piano literature, accompanying, and piano pedagogy, and there are many performing opportunities with weekly studio classes, departmental recitals, studio recitals and juries, and events in the community. Pianist students also have the opportunity to accompany and teach private students, gaining valuable job experience.

band director, choral director, composer, conductor, entertainer, performer, piano tuner/mover Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Music – Piano Teacher Certification Concentration

This degree prepares students to become K-12 music educators.

piano player, piano teacher, professional piano instructor Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Music – Vocal

The ECU Chorale was recently ranked in a tie for 25th place in the Mixed Chorus Division by Interkultur, the largest organizer of amateur choir contests in the world. Annually, Interkultur ranks the top 1,000 choirs in the world that compete in various categories. The ECU Chorale tied with a choir from Latvia. Only four other choirs from the U.S. were ranked higher than ECU.

professional voice teacher, classical music vocal performer, professional recitalist, singer, entertainer, choral director, song recordist, song contractor, songwriter, playback singer, vocal contractor, lyricist Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Music – Vocal Teacher Certification Concentration

This degree prepares students to become K-12 music educators.

professional vocal instructor, music therapist, musician, private music teacher, sound technicaian Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Native American Studies

Founded solidly in the tradition of liberal arts, the History and Native American Studies (NAS) programs at East Central University emphasize developing the skills to think critically, analyze information, solve problems and communicate with others. These skills are particularly critical for careers working for or with tribal communities in law, government, business, teaching, and medicine, as well as for success in graduate or professional school.

foreign language and literature teachers, lawyers, museum curator, records departments officer, librarian, legislative officers Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Native American Studies - Cultural Resource Management

The Cultural Resource Management concentration is designed for students interested in learning to manage cultural resources that include heritage and the arts. Archaeology and the study of material culture is central to their work. In addition to understanding Native American history and culture, students pursuing this major will learn about tribal, federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines that impact how we manage cultural resources.

Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan

The Department of Nursing offers the Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing degree to pre-licensure students at its three campus sites in Ada and
Durant. Pre-licensure students complete an eight-semester program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing. Graduates who meet the
Oklahoma state requirements for licensure, including a clear criminal background check, are eligible to apply to write the National Council Licensing Examination for
Registered Nurses (NCLEX-CAT, RN) to become a Registered Nurse.

school nurse, nurse investigator, pediatric nurse, nurse administrator, obstetrical nurse, home health care nurse, oncology nurse, legal nurse consultant, military nurse, operating room nurse, forensic nurse , intensive care unit nurse, cardiology nurse , public health care nurse Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan