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Physics – Medical Physics Concentration

The BS degree option in medical physics was designed to allow the ECU student to have the courses necessary to attend any of the accredited schools.

health specialties teachers, hospital consultant, medical equipment technitians, medical physicists, researcher, teacher, Doctor Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Physics – Teacher Certification Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Physics with a concentration in Teacher Certification at ECU provides the physics content and pedagogy through education courses for licensure and a career in secondary science education.

physics teacher/lecture, teacher Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Political Science

Political science majors at ECU are given more of an emphasis on critical thinking and written and oral communication skills.

attorney, bar examiner, claims adjudicator, district attorney, elected official, judge, lawyer, legal assistant, lobbyist, national or international level, paralegal, political consultant, politician, prosecutor, public defender, state, tax attorney, title attorney, tribal Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Pre-Dental Hygiene

The dental hygienist is a licensed member of the oral health care team responsible for providing preventive, therapeutic and educational services for dental patients and the community. Dental hygienist services are provided in a variety of settings including hospitals, public health clinics, schools and geriatric centers. Basic admission requirements consist of a minimum of 60 semester hours of prescribed course work which may be completed at ECU. The Professional program consists of 2 years of course work, clinical and practicum in a hospital or clinical setting.


No matter what branch of engineering a student wishes to enter, the program for the first four semesters contains mostly the same basic courses. These include mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, English, history, and behavioral and social sciences. The pre-engineering program at ECU allows students to fill these requirements in two years, after which they transfer to a university with an engineering school to take advanced courses in their area of specialization. Advisors customize students’ curriculum to match the engineering school they plan to attend.


A successful career in law demands proficiency in three-skills areas: the ability to think critically, the ability to analyze information from a variety of sources and apply that analysis to solving problems, and the ability to communicate that analysis to others. While completion of any undergraduate degree program confers eligibility for law school, the most successful candidates often come from programs located in the Liberal Arts which emphasize mastery of these skills.


A pre-pharmacy curriculum is offered at ECU that will meet all requirements for admission to any school of pharmacy. The curriculum requires two to three years to complete, after which the remaining four years of study must be taken at a school of pharmacy. The courses to be taken in the two to three year segment include those in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, in addition to several of our general education courses such as English, history, and government. The program is tailored to individual needs depending upon the choice of a particular pharmacy school.

Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a dynamic health care profession dedicated to the promotion of optimal health, prevention of disability, and restoration of physical activity following a debilitating incident. As an active member of the health care team, physical therapists provide therapeutic services to individuals of all ages with musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary, sensorimotor, vascular, immunological and cellular disorders or trauma. Physical Therapy services are provided in a variety of settings including hospitals, extended care facilities, ambulatory clinics, schools, and homes.

Pre-Professional Sciences East Central University offers all courses that are required for admission to professional schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, chiropractic, physician’s associate or veterinary medicine. Although the pre-professional sciences student may select any degree major, most successful candidates major in either Biology or Chemistry. Course work must be arranged so as to complete the required work in time for the admission exams and application in your program (usually Spring of junior year). A pre-medicine professional student may earn the bachelor of science degree by completing three years of work in the bachelor of science degree program and one year in an accredited professional school of Medicine (M.D. or D.O.), Dentistry (D.D.S.), Optometry (O.D.), or Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.). For more information, contact the Department of Biology. Few applicants are admitted with less than a bachelors degree. You should follow a degree track at the time you are completing the pre-professional requirements. East Central University does offer the Bachelors Combined Degree Program which allows the student who may be admitted to professional medical sciences school at the end of their junior year to receive the bachelors degree after successful completion of the first year in professional school. The requirements for this program are available from the appropriate Pre-Professional Sciences Advisor or the ECU Records Office. Note: There are no separate degree check-sheets or plans currently available for these programs. Chemistry, dentist, Doctor, Optometrist, Pre-professional, Science, Sciences, Veterinarian

The undergraduate program in psychology at ECU prepares its students through classwork, student professional organizations such as Psi Chi, field trips, assisting the faculty in professional endeavors such as research and application, and close relationships with the faculty to help understand and get to know, on a broad basis, the field of psychology.

child care giver, correctional case worker, counselor, crisis intervention specialist, dhs case worker, employee relations manager, gerontological care giver, graduate student, human resources director, pre-med student, probation/parole counselor, psychologist, public opinion surveyor, market research analyst, marketing/sales manager, statistician Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Psychology - Behavioral Health Concentration Degree Plan

The Behavioral Health Option of Psychology is designed to offer an educational experience for those interested in working in a behavioral health related field. As a discipline, it attempts to provide the initial educational background for students who are seeking to be employed in the area of mental health upon the completion of their Bachelor’s Degree.

child care giver, correctional case worker, counselor, crisis intervention specialist, dhs case worker, employee relations manager, gerontological care giver, graduate student, human resources director, pre-med student, probation/parole counselor, psychologist, public opinion surveyor, market research analyst, marketing/sales manager Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Social Work

The Social Work education program at ECU prepares competent and effective generalist social work professionals for entry into direct professional practice positions with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations.

child, counselor, family, healthcare social worker, marriage and family therapist, mental health and substance abuse social worker, probation officers and correctional treatment specialist, social and community service manager, social work teacher, social worker Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Special Education Mild/Moderate

The graduate program option for the special education teacher is designed for the ECU graduate student specializing in teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities in Pre-K through 12th grade.

curriculum specialist, educational administrator, health educators, special education teacher, special forces officers, student personnel administrator, teacher, tutors Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan