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Family and Consumer Science - Early Care Concentration

The concentration in Early Care is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare individuals for careers as early care education master teachers or program administrators, parent education instructors, early intervention instructors, program teachers for infants to school-age children and social services agents in child and family programs. The option is open only to individuals who have earned an associate’s degree in child development or early childhood from a partnering community college.

child care, childcare workers, community-based children's programs, counseling for children, family and general oractitioners, health educators, heathcare social workers, pediatric nurse, personal care aids, social services, teaching/lecture Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - General Concentration

East Central University’s Family and Consumer Sciences Program prepares students for countless career opportunities – helping them create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

boutiques, child development, church or religious organizations, consumer affairs, community centers, design & consulting, fashion consulting firms, fashion press, family service agencies, foods & nutrition, government agencies, hospitality industry, human or social service organizations, human services, media, nursery school or mother's day out programs, private homes or family day care centers, restaurants or speciality food shops, research, retail merchandising, retail stores, school systems, textile & apparel manufacturers Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - Retail Merchandising Concentration

The Retail Merchandising concentration provides specialized training that will assist the student in meeting a diverse and challenging career in the retail industry. Many excellent opportunities are provided that will broaden the scope of education and experience in retail. These opportunities include: hands-on training; internship experience; and participation in fashion productions, retail study tours, Career Day Dallas, and other career-related opportunities.

child development, consumer affairs, design and consulting, early intervention instructors, education, education master teachers, entrepreneur, fashion director, fashion editor, foods and nutrition, human services, media, parent education instructors, program administrators, program teachers for infants to school-age children, research, retail merchandising, retail department manager, sales representative, social services agents in child and family programs, the cooperative extension service, visual merchandiser Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Family and Consumer Science - Teacher Certification

The concentration in Family and Consumer Science Education leads to certification for teaching in secondary schools. Because of the diversity of high school courses they may teach, students take courses in different areas--clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, consumerism, housing, child development, family relationships, and resource management.

agricultural science teacher, career/teaching education teacher, family and consumer teacher/lecture, farm and home management advisors, home economics teacher, politicals science teachers, social workers, socialpogy teacher Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan