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History offers students the richness of past experience to comprehend more lucidly humanity’s progress and setbacks, great accomplishments and tragic failures. Historical study teaches judgment, examines values, and explores issues and events; it uncovers the sources of creativity and stagnation during the entire course of civilization’s evolution. The significance of the past and its meaning for the possibilities of the present and future become a powerful tool of analysis and interpretation.The History program offers a wide-range of courses in United States history, European history, and World history.

archivists, civil service administrator, documentary editors, geographer, heritage manager, high school history teacher, historical author, historic buildings inspector, librarians, museum curator or director, museum education officer, museum or gallery exhibitions officer, records managers, writers and editors Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
History – Teacher Certification Concentration

A teaching degree creates the foundation for pursuing a long-term career in teaching history and social studies at different levels of schooling. After obtaining teacher certification, many graduates of teaching degree programs can pursue a career in preschools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, or universities. Advanced teaching degrees enable students to pursue research and education at even higher levels such as PhD and graduate programs

art, drama and music teacher, education teacher, geography teacher, history teacher/lecturer, human resources specialists, philosophy and regional teachers, political science teacher, teacher assistant, vocational education teachers Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Service Counseling – Rehabilitation Concentration

The objective of the Rehabilitation concentration is to prepare students to work with individuals with a variety of physical, mental, cognitive, behavioral and addictive disabilities. Students completing this program have additional skills in knowledge of the major disability groups, legislation and various disability-related programs. Emphasis is placed on disability culture, inclusion and advocacy. This program also serves individuals interested in pursuing advanced degrees in speech therapy, recreation therapy and other allied fields

community rehabilitation programs specialist, counseling, mental health and substance abuse social workers , rehabilitation counselor, rehabilitation officer, rehabilitation program manager, rehabilitation services director, social worker Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Service Counseling – Services to the Deaf Concentration

The objective of the Services to the Deaf concentration is to prepare students to work with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The academic program is structured to provide students with the specialized knowledge and sign language skills that will enable them to provide services in a broad spectrum of private, state, federal and community agencies.

audiologist, bereavement counselor, childcare provider, counseling, crisis/employment/rehabilitation counselor, k-12 or post-secondary interpreter, para/professional/educational interpreter, psychologist, referral agency interpreter, religious/ministerial specialist, sign language teacher, social worker, speech-language pathologist, teacher of deaf children, technology center interpreter, video-relay interpreter, vocational rehabilitation specialist, youth guidance specialist Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Services Counseling – Aging Concentration

The objective of the Aging concentration is to prepare students to work in the multidisciplinary field of aging and gerontology. This is a diverse field which offers students an insight to the aging process, including the physical, mental and social changes in older people as they age. In addition, the program provides knowledge on the changes in society resulting from our aging population and considers the policies and programs that impact this field.

business teachers, community services, compensation and benefits managers, counseling, government job, health services, human resources managers, human resources specialists, labor relations specialists, mental health and wellness, non-profit sector, social work, training and development managers, training and development specialists Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Human Services Counseling – Counseling Concentration

The Department of Professional Programs in Human Services offers educational programs that share the common goal of preparing students to work with people in a variety of human services agencies and organizations. The Human Resources Department focuses on those careers which require professional preparation and training for service to individuals, families, groups, and the community. This program is also offered online.

case manager, child abuse worker, community outreach worker/director, counseling, domestic violence counselor, drug & alcohol counselor, family & child counselor, family support specialist, mental health aide, military counselor, nursing aide, rehabilitation counselor, social services specialist, substance abuse counselor Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan