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Information Technology Management

A Business Administration degree provides the concepts and skills for success in business, careers and future study. Areas studied include financial and quantitative analysis, business law, entrepreneurship, managerial decision-making, ethics, marketing, accounting, written and oral communication, economics and computer expertise. 

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Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Degree meets many employers’ requirements for hiring or promotion and can also provide the foundation for admission to graduate school. In addition, students should tailor their IDS core requirements and other course work to address particular career and personal learning goals including specialization in particular content areas. (no 4-Year Degree Plan)

account director, editorial director, director of public relations, marketing director, employee communications manager, marketing communications director, brand manager, sales and marketing director, media relations manager, public relations (pr) manager, senior account executive, project manager, advertising manager, administrative services manager, market research analyst, content writer, program director, non-profit Degree Checklist