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The faculty, staff, and students are so glad you are here! Our website is designed to assist you and provide you the basic information needed to navigate successfully in your pursuit of obtaining a degree in education, whether at the undergraduate level, graduate level, or in a post-graduate certification program.

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Many education programs that ECU's College of Education offers are state and nationally accredited. While the individual program accreditations vary from program to program, the department is accredited nationally by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). 


The ECU Education department traces its origin back to the founding of the University and exists to serve individuals seeking degrees and certifications in public education. In doing so, the department serves ECU students in three essential functions:

  • Prepare undergraduate students in three areas of specialization, including Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education, leading to teacher licensure and certification in Oklahoma.
  • Provide undergraduate students the professional education instruction needed to prepare all Secondary Education majors and minors for licensure and certification in Oklahoma.
  • Offer graduate students many master’s level courses of study and options in a variety of occupations in education and related positions in business, industry, or hospitals, including Educational Leadership (School Principal and Superintendent, Degree and/or Certification), Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Reading, Secondary Education (Academic Area Option), Sports Administration, Library Media, Educational Technology, School Counselor, and Special Education (see Section on School of Graduate Studies - M.Ed. Education and Post-Master's Certificates). We are proud of our department and believe that we prepare some of the best teachers and administrators in the state. Our students learn about the process of teaching through a combination of college classroom experiences provided by excellent university faculty and practical field experiences in public schools working with master teachers. While part of the ECU family, our students have an opportunity to learn and to grow in a rigorous and supportive environment which includes a dedicated faculty and staff, well-equipped classrooms, and a very low student-teacher ratio. The quality of our faculty and program combined with an outstanding student experience contribute to make ECU a great choice for pursuing your degree. Again, we welcome you!

We encourage you to contact any of our faculty to learn more about our programs or come and visit our beautiful campus and spend time with our faculty, staff and students. If we can be of additional assistance, please let us know…and, remember, “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger.” 


Mary Pauline Lanoy, of Coalgate, has a passion for higher education and a love of the teaching profession. It’s only fitting that the Lanoy name now adorns the Education Building on the ECU campus. Pauline and Leon, both alumni of ECU, dedicated more than 40 years of their lives to the education of young people in Oklahoma and Wyoming.

Lanoy_award_website.jpgPauline attended Horace Mann Training School while at ECU and spent most of her career as kindergarten through eighth grade classroom teacher in Wyoming. In later years, she taught home economics and library skills classes. In 2000, she was awarded the Wyoming Alpha Xi State Achievement Award. Leon was a World War II veteran, 8th United States Army Airforce, 389th Bomb Group. He majored in mathematics and spent 37 years as an educator in Wyoming, serving as a bus driver, classroom teacher, volunteer coach, principal, and superintendent. He passed away July 2, 2015, at the age of 93. Both Leon and Pauline were inducted into the Keefer Educators’ Hall of Fame in 2009 and were recognized as ECU’s Distinguished Philanthropists in 2008.

The Lanoys have been generous with donations to the university and the ECU Foundation, Inc. The Leon and Pauline Lanoy Centennial Graduate Education Endowment is awarded to an ECU student each year. Their belief is, “Once a person's attitude is right, mapping out the step-by-step process to attain a goal can lead to success and can be attained no matter what the obstacles."

The Lanoy Education Building was remodeled and opened at the start of the 2015 fall semester. An innovative teaching center, installed with the latest technology, as well as tablets and robotics equipment for professional development for area teachers, education faculty and education students were added to the updated, state-of-the-art facility. Other amenities include 13 classrooms with new technology, with short-throw projectors (which makes every whiteboard a smartboard), new speakers, and new podiums. The building also features new seating in the computer lab, along with new faculty desks, and office furniture. Additionally, three classrooms had additional monitors installed on the walls for better visibility of projected images and all classrooms have WiFi capabilities for use of mobile devices in the classroom.

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Savannah Todd
College of Education and Psychology
204 Lanoy Education Building

Kaelyn Presley
College of Education and Psychology
204 Lanoy Education Building
Field Coordinator & Certification Coordinator