ECU Tiger Esports

Our goal as an esports program is to create an inclusive environment that promotes the goals and values of team-based video games. We currently have varsity Overwatch, League of Legends and StreetFighter 6. Tiger Esports also supports club teams in various other titles. 

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Upcoming events and activities: 

  • Homecoming Super Smash Brothers Tournament – Friday 09/22/2023 – 6:00pm - University Center, ESTEP

  • ECU X OESL Smash Qualifier - Saturday 11/18/2023 - 10:00am - University Center, ESTEP open to spectators

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Fall 2023 Varsity Teams:

Overwatch 2:

Nigel Wells Varsity Captain
Zach Clouse Varsity
Cody Miller Varsity
Eric Ross Varsity
Lane Watts Varsity
Hollie McKinney Varsity Sub
Caden Lee Varsity Sub

League of Legends:

Mason Simpson Varsity Captain
Conner Owens Varsity
Dexter Elliott Varsity
Nathan Lewis Varsity
Allie Mabry Varsity
Blake Fredericks Varsity Sub
Christopher Barker Varsity Sub
Troy Linton Varsity Sub

StreetFighter 6*New*:

John Kelso Varsity
Cole Geiser Varsity


Cody Soden
Esports Coach
1100 E 14th St PMB Q7
Ada, OK 74820


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