ECU Tiger Esports

Vision Statement

To establish East Central University as a leading hub for esports in Oklahoma, fostering an inclusive and vibrant gaming community that collaborates with others to advance the growth and development of esports in the state.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a thriving esports community at East Central University by promoting inclusivity, teamwork, and excellence. Through our varsity and club teams, we aim to create opportunities for students to engage in competitive gaming, develop their skills, and connect with the broader esports landscape in Oklahoma.

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Spring 2024 Varsity Teams:

Name Team
Christopher Barker           League of Legends
Nathan Lewis  League of Legends
Blake Fredericks League of Legends
Mason Simpson  League of Legends
Conner Owens    League of Legends
Dexter Elliott       League of Legends
Allie Mabry          League of Legends
Breckin Guevara                League of Legends
Brennan Lynch                  Overwatch
Lane Watts          Overwatch
Caden Lee Overwatch
Zach Clouse Overwatch/Fortnite
Eric Ross Overwatch
Carter Westmoland Overwatch
Turner Dean Fortnite
Alyssa Black Fortnite
Kaden Ford Fortnite
Justin Doty Fortnite
John Kelso Street Fighter 6
Cole Geiser Street Fighter 6/Fortnite
Carson Stone Street Fighter 6
Elias Verdugo Commentator

Awards and Results:

Team Award/Result
Fortnite (Kaden Ford and Justin Doty) SP 24 No-build NACE Finalists
Overwatch (Lane Watts, Zach Clouse, Eric Ross, Carter Westmoland, Brennan Lynch, Kinlee Watts) SP 24 NACE Conference Finals runner up




Cody Soden
Esports Director
1100 E 14th St D6
Ada, OK 74820


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