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Human Resources – 0891

TRACK A - Administration - focuses upon the problem-solving and decision-making responsibilities of modern management. It is aimed at providing broad-based preparation for careers in administration in either the public or private sector.

    Advisor:  Dr. James Burke
    Location:  219 F Horace Mann
    Phone:  580.559.5707

 2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020


TRACK B - Human Services - provides the opportunity for development of the necessary skills to become an effective human service provider. Students will learn the concepts necessary for organizational and client program development, as well as broad based skills for working with clients. Students will develop skills in case management, client employment and development, and strategies for a wide range of problem solving in the human services field.    

    Advisor:  Dr. James Burke
    Location:  219 F Horace Mann
    Phone:  580.559.5707

2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020


Clinical Rehabilitation and Clinical Mental Health Counseling – 0894

This option prepares rehabilitation and counseling professionals for employment in a variety of public and private settings. This training program affords students opportunities to gain the knowledge necessary to become highly-skilled professional counselors meeting the demands of clinical rehabilitation and clinical mental health counseling. Students completing the program will satisfy the educational and clinical training requirements to be eligible for certification (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor – CRC) and licensure (Licensed Professional Counselor— LPC). An applicant for admission to the program must show evidence of professional potential. This option is fully accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE).

    MSHR Clinical Rehabilitation and Clinical Mental Health Counseling
          Program Outcomes 2017-2018 (pdf)

    A-K Advisor:  Dr. Dwaine Turner
    Location:  219 C Horace Mann
    Phone:  580.559.5405

    L-Z Advisor:  Dr. Paige Williams
    Location:  221 C Horace Mann
    Phone:  580.559.5403

2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020



Certificate in Human Resources Addictions Counseling – 0990



Participant in the Certificate in Human Resources (Addictions Counseling) will:

  1. Acquire knowledge of the psychological, social and physiological aspects of substance addictions.
  2. Gain knowledge concerning the effects of substance abuse on individuals, relationships, and society.
  3. Learn effective intervention and treatment strategies to help those impacted by and at risk of substance abuse disorders.
  4. Demonstrate basic skills of documentation, treatment planning, and other services in regards to assessing and treating substance abuse disorders.
  5. Learn skills to provide culturally competent treatment that reduces barriers to participants accessing services.

These objectives support ECU’s mission of fostering learning in a culturally diverse society and promote leadership for economic development by training counselors to excel in substance abuse counseling.

    Advisor:  Ms. Holli Witherington
    Location:  109 Horace Mann
    Phone:  580.559.5815

2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020


Financial Aid Regulations for Graduate Students

Students please be advised that the courses you choose to enroll in MUST be a required course or an elective course in your degree program. Financial Aid regulations dictate that any graduate student who is seeking financial aid must be enrolled in AT LEAST five (5) credit hours during the fall, spring, or summer semester and the courses MUST be in the degree program.

*Certificate Programs do not qualify for financial aid.